Sunbaked Sand Castle

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Sunbaked Sand Castle
Dry Bones found in Dusty Dune Galaxy.
Location Dusty Dune Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Sunbaked Sand Castle is the third mission of the Dusty Dune Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission involves climbing a large castle.


Mario running in Dusty Dune Galaxy.
The sand castle.

The player starts on a circular platform with a switch. Ground Pounding the switch will cause the platform to rise through a series of large Brick Blocks that can crush Mario if he is standing beneath one as it sinks into the platform, eventually leading to a Launch Star that will take the player to a disk shaped planet. Ground Pounding another switch will cause a structure to rise up and the player needs to collect five Star Chips around and on the structure, one of which is in a treasure chest the player needs to open by using a Green Shell. If the player needs to lower the structure, they can do so by Ground Pounding the switch on the opposite side of the platform. Upon collecting all the Star Chips, a Launch Star will appear that will send Mario to a small asteroid with coconuts and a giant prickly plant. Breaking it with a coconut will create another Launch Star that will send Mario to two small planets where the player needs to fight a Pokeynut on one by sending coconuts from the other to fight it. Defeating the Pokey will create a Launch Star that will send Mario to a large stone structure on the underside of the disk planet the player was on before with the Power Star inside. Breaking a crate will reveal a Warp Pipe that leads inside the structure. After the player spins to break the large block, the structure will begin sinking and the player needs to quickly move up the platforms to reach the Power Star before Mario gets crushed, breaking obstacles along the way.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 砂漠さばくにひそむ 巨大きょだいなワナ
Sabaku ni hisomu kyodaina wana
The Colossal Trap Lurking in the Desert
Chinese 潜藏在沙漠中的巨大陷阱
Qiáncáng zài shāmò zhōng de jùdà xiànjǐng
Tremendous Hidden Trap in the Desert
French (NOA) Le Château de Sable Brûlé par le Soleil The Sand Castle burned by the Sun
French (NOE) Le traquenard du désert The Trap of the Desert
German Die Riesenfalle in der Wüste The Giant Trap in the Desert
Italian Trappole Desertiche Colossali Colossal Traps of the Desert
Korean 사막 속에 감춰진 거대 함정
Samak soge gamchuojin geodae hamjeong
Tremendous Trap Hidden in the Desert
Spanish (NOA) Tramposa Trampa Colosal Colossal Tricky Trap
Spanish (NOE) Tramposa trampa colosal Colossal tricky trap