Kingfin's Fearsome Waters

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Kingfin's Fearsome Waters
Location Bonefin Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Kingfin
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Kingfin's Fearsome Waters is the only mission of the Bonefin Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to defeat Kingfin.


The player starts on an empty Starshroom with a Launch Star above it, which will send Mario to Kingfin's Planet upon use. Immediately upon landing in the water, a cinematic showing Kingfin approaching will play.

In order to defeat Kingfin, the player has to launch Green and Red Shells at him. After hitting him once, Kingfin will call out two Skeletal Fish Guards to assist him, and four more will appear after attacking Kingfin for the third time. The guards will continue to appear in their group number until Kingfin is defeated. Attacking Kingfin for the fifth time will shatter him, rewarding the player with the Power Star.


Skeletal Fish Guards assisting Kingfin in the fight.

Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish El escualo de las profundidades The shark of the deep
French (NOE) Etoile en eaux troubles Star in troubled waters
Italian Pesce scheletro terrore dei mari Skeleton Fish terror of the seas
Korean 해골상어가 지키는 스타
Haegolsang-eoga jikineun seuta
The Star Guarded by Kingfin
Chinese 尸骨鲨守护的星星
Shīgǔ shā shǒuhù de xīngxīng
Star Protected by Corpse Shark