Beachcombing for Purple Coins

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Beachcombing for Purple Coins
Beachcombing for Purple Coins
Location Beach Bowl Galaxy
Mission # 5
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Beachcombing for Purple Coins is the fifth mission of the Beach Bowl Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to collect the Purple Coins.


100 Purple Coins are scattered around the Heavenly Beach Planet, located on the islands, platforms, and in the water. The player can use a vine to swing and collect the higher coins and make use of a Spring Mushroom to jump higher. Once all the Purple Coins have been collected, the Power Star will appear.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese きらめくなぎさの パープルコイン
Kirameku nagisa no pāpuru koin
Purple Coins of the Sparkling Shore
Chinese 闪烁海滩的紫色硬币
Shǎnshuò hǎitān de zǐsè yìngbì
Purple Coins of the Shiny Shore
French (NOA) Les Pièces Violettes du Rivage Étincelant The Purple Coins of the Shiny Shore
French (NOE) Les pièces violettes du rivage étincelant The Purple Coins of the Shiny Shore
German De lila Münzen am Strand Purple Coins at the Beach
Italian Monete Viola sulle Rive Scintillati Purple Coins on the Shining Shores
Korean 반짝이는 물가의 퍼플코인
Banjjagineun mulga ui peopeul koin
Purple Coins around Shiny Shore
Spanish (NOA) Las Monedas en la Orilla Radiante Coins in the Radiant Shore
Spanish (NOE) Monedas en la orilla radiante Coins in the radiant shore