The Silver Stars of Sea Slide

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The Silver Stars of Sea Slide
Sea Silver Stars.png
Location Sea Slide Galaxy
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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The Silver Stars of Sea Slide is the third mission of the Sea Slide Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to collect five Silver Stars.


Mario near Crabbers in the Sea Slide Galaxy
Mario on the Ocean Pudding Planet.

For this mission, Bee Mushrooms are placed around the galaxy, which the player needs to use to collect all of the Silver Stars. Collecting all of the Silver Stars will have the Power Star form and appear back at the player's starting area. The locations of the Silver Stars are:

  • The first Silver Star is on top of the stone arch where Guppy was found during the first mission; the player needs to use a moving cloud in order to cross the water.
  • For the second Silver Star, the player needs to use a cannon to blast to the Starshroom in the sky and use the Pull Stars to reach the Silver Star, followed by using a Sling Star to get back to the main land.
  • The third Silver Star is on top of a tree next to the lighthouse. The player needs to use the Bee Suit to climb the tree and reach the Silver Star up high.
  • For the fourth Silver Star, the player needs to use the Bee Suit to fly up to the top of the mangrove tree near the starting area.
  • The fifth Silver Star is located on the island in the center of Sea Slide Galaxy. To get there, the player needs to spin on a wheel located on a platform under a branch of the large tree. The wheel will cause a serpentine water slide to appear and lead to the island, where Penguru and the final Silver Star is placed.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みんなでさがそう シルバースター
Min'na de sagasō Shirubā Sutā
Let's look for Silver Stars
Chinese 大家来找银色星星
Dàjiā lái zhǎo yínsè xīngxīng
Let's search for Silver Stars
French (NOA) Les Étoiles d'Argent de la Boucle Océanique The Silver Stars of the Ocean Ring
French (NOE) Qui trouvera les étoiles d'argent? Who will find the silver stars?
German Lasst uns die Silbersterne suchen Let's look for Silver Stars
Italian Stella Argento delle mie Brame! Craving some Silver Stars!; it's a reference to the Evil Queen catchphrase "Specchio delle mie brame…" (Magic Mirrow on my wall…)
Korean 모두 함께 실버스타를 찾아라
Modu hamkke silbeoseutareul chajara
Everyone, Find the Silver Stars Together!
Spanish (NOA) En Busca de las Estrellas de Plata In search of the Silver Stars
Spanish (NOE) En busca de las estrellas de plata In search of the silver stars