Flying Mario

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Flying Mario
Artwork of Flying Mario from Super Mario Galaxy.
Used on Mario, Luigi
Item needed Red Star
Power(s) given Fly, attract Coins and star bits
First appearance Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)

Flying Mario and Flying Luigi are forms taken by Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Galaxy. It is first used when Mario returns to the Gateway Galaxy to collect 100 Purple Coins.

Flying Mario, collecting Purple Coins at the Gateway Galaxy.

Mario can only obtain this form when he grabs a Red Star. In this form, Mario's hat and overalls become black, while his overall buttons and shoes turn red, but his shirt remains the same (Luigi undergoes the same changes, except with dark green instead of black and with green instead of red). While in this form, spinning while jumping allows Mario to fly. This is similar to the Wing Cap ability from Super Mario 64, except that the player has much more control, and Mario can fly the whole time, rather than having to gain momentum first. This form also allows Mario to attract nearby coins by spinning. After a limited amount of time, Flying Mario will revert back to normal Mario.

This form has many different controls. While flying, Mario can hold the A Button button to hover in midair. He can then change his direction by tilting around, and the light streaks he leaves behind go in front of him as a guide to where he will go. Pressing Nunchuk Z Button once while flying causes Mario to stop flying, do a somersault in the air, and fall to the ground slowly. Mario can then press Nunchuk Z Button again to do a ground-pound.

This power-up's uses are quite minimal since it can only be used at the Comet Observatory and the Gateway Galaxy. Within the Comet Observatory, if Mario talks to the Pink Lumas beside the Domes and causes the Launch Star to appear, Flying Mario can reach the warp to the galaxy without using the Launch Star. However, this only works with the Pink Lumas next to the Terrace and the Engine Room. Strangely, Flying Mario cannot access the planet containing the Trial Galaxies on his own. Mario will hit an invisible wall and fall back down to the Comet Observatory. This was most likely done to prevent the player from using Flying Mario to get to the Trial Galaxies before getting the three Green Power Stars.

On the Comet Observatory, the powerup can be used to get hidden 1-Up Mushrooms scattered around the area. One is at the very top of the spire, another one is under the Gate, and one is under the Library.

Flying Mario, Boo Mario, and Spring Mario are the only power-ups in Super Mario Galaxy that can be worn off and deactivated by a Launch Star. Flying Mario, however, can only be deactivated by the ones in the Comet Observatory, due to there being no Launch Stars in Gateway's Purple Coins.

While the power-up does not return in Super Mario Galaxy 2, it is still present in the game's data.[1]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese フライングマリオ
Furaingu Mario
Flying Mario
Chinese 飞翔马力欧
Fēixiáng Mǎlìōu
Flying Mario
French Mario Volant Flying Mario
German Flug-Mario Flying Mario
Italian Mario Plano Plane Mario
Korean 플라잉마리오
Peullaing Mario
Flying Mario
Spanish Mario Volador Flying Mario