Jumping Mario

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Jumping Mario
Mario transforms into Jumping Mario
Applies to Mario
Item needed Trampoline
Power(s) given Uncontrollable bounces
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 5 (1992)

Jumping Mario is an original transformation that appears in chapter 7 of Super Mario-kun volume 5.

Mario, Luigi and Yoshi are being overwhelmed by a toothless Jumping Piranha Plant and its Nipper Plants, Munchers and Pokeys. Mario asks Yoshi to pass him a power-up and Yoshi spits a Trampoline that shapes him as such. In this form, Mario starts bouncing left and right, defeating all enemies in the room. The heroes are safe, but Mario cannot stop bouncing.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ジャンピング マリオ
Janpingu Mario
Jumping Mario