Mushroom Mario

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Mushroom Mario
Side image of Mushroom Mario
Applies to Mario
Item needed Monty Moles' Poison Mushroom
Power(s) given Limited movements
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 5 (1992)

Mushroom Mario is an unnamed original transformation that appears in chapter 8 of Super Mario-kun volume 5.

Mario, Luigi and Yoshi are tossed in a pipe to the underground, where Mario finds a field of Mushrooms and eats one of them, turning into a small, anthropomorphic, striped Mushroom. A pack of Monty Moles reach them and yells at the intruders that those are modified Poison Mushrooms meant as a trap for Mario (which they later realize worked). Having stubby limbs, Mario is unable to hit the enemies, so Luigi uses him as a bowling ball, hurting the Monty Moles and turning them into Monty Mole Swoopers that attempt to suck out Mario's abilities, but they instead only suck out the Mushroom form, becoming anthropomorphic Mushrooms themselves and turning Mario back to his original form.