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Skeleton Mario
Mario becomes Skeleton Mario
Applies to Mario, Luigi, Yoshi
Item needed Hone; Fishbone's "Bone Ray"
First appearance Super Mario-kun volume 1 (1991)
Latest appearance Super Mario-kun volume 6 (1993)
Skeleton Luigi
Skeleton Yoshi
Luigi and Yoshi as skeletons

Skeleton Mario is an original form that appears in Super Mario-kun, mostly in the Super Mario World arc.

The first occasion in which this form is shown is the last chapter of volume 1, as one of the hypothetical future transformations of the Super Mario franchise. Mario can transform into a skeleton for three minutes after collecting a Hone, but it has no known advantages or powers.

In volume 2, a Fishbone attacks the heroes by shooting a "Bone Ray", turning Luigi and Yoshi into skeletons. Before Mario can be hit, however, a Super Star grants him invincibility, and he defeats the enemy. Meanwhile, Luigi and Yoshi ask how they will turn back to normal.

In volumes 3 and 6, to withstand the heat, Yoshi removes his skin like a shirt, revealing his skeleton (without the need of any power-ups or attacks), unsettling the Mario Bros.

In volume 6, while fighting Battra Hanachan, she flaps the wings so hard to blow everything away, except the giant Star Yoshi, even though his skin was ripped out from the strong wind.


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