Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi

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This article is about a Yoshi transformation. For other uses, see Hot Air Balloon.
Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi
Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi from Yoshi's New Island
Applies to Yoshis
Item needed Whirly Gate
Power(s) given Float
First appearance Yoshi's New Island (2014)

Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi, also known as simply the Hot-Air Balloon,[1] is a form the Yoshis can transform into in Yoshi's New Island by entering a Whirly Gate with a balloon sign on it. It is similar to Balloon Yoshi found in Yoshi Topsy-Turvy and Blimp Yoshi from Super Mario Galaxy 2.

In this form, the Yoshi can float upwards and can move left and right by tilting. Like all forms in this game, it lasts for a limited time, but clocks scattered about the obstacle course can provide the Yoshi with more time. Some propellers found within the course can blow the Yoshi and make it easier to get to a different area. Going through a ring will revert the Yoshi to his normal form.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ききゅう

Dutch Luchtballon-Yoshi
Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi
French Yoshi montgolfière
Hot-Air Balloon Yoshi
German Heißluftyoshi
Hot-Air Yoshi
Italian Yoshi mongolfiera
Hot-air balloon Yoshi
Portuguese (NOE) Balão de Ar Quente
Hot-Air Balloon
Russian Йоши-шар
Balloon Yoshi

Spanish Globo aerostático
Hot-Air Balloon


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