Flutter Finish

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Flutter Finish

Flutter Finish is a two-player minigame in Yoshi's New Island. It is a remake of Flutter Challenge from Yoshi's Island DS. The objective of the minigame is to flutter jump as far as possible in one minute. A Yoshi starts the minigame in a cloudy area with coins nearby. The player who gets the most points at the end is the winner.

The points are given as follows:

  • The total distance the Yoshi passes is tripled.
  • The number of coins the Yoshi gets is doubled.

The two numbers are added together to determine the total score.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ふんばりジャンプ
Dutch Fladderfinish
French (NOA) Voltige extrême
French (NOE) Voltige extrême
German Flatterfinale
Italian Svolazzo lungo
Portuguese (NOE) Salto Flutuante em Comprimento
Russian Прыгуны-летуны
Spanish (NOA) Revolotea y gana Flutter and Win
Spanish (NOE) Salto de longitud Long Jump