Trivia: Are you an expert Yoshi-ologist?

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Trivia: Are you an expert Yoshi-ologist?
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Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Release date
Genre Quiz
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Input Mouse/touchscreen

Trivia: Are you an expert Yoshi-ologist? is a skill quiz on the Play Nintendo website. It was released to promote Yoshi's New Island.


The player has a total of five Yoshi's Island-related trivia questions to answer. Each question gives the player three answers to choose from, with only one of them being the correct answer. When clicked on, the player must select "Check answer" to see if they are correct. If the player answers correctly, the item they selected will be highlighted green. If the player answers incorrectly, the item they selected will be highlighted red and the correct answer will be both written in the results area and highlighted green. At the end of the quiz, a message will pop up saying how many answers the player got correct out of five. The player can then choose to either take the quiz again or take a different quiz on the website.


Correct answers are written in bold.

  1. What's Yoshi's favorite thing to throw?
    • Mushrooms
    • Eggs
    • Tantrums
      • Right: You cracked the case! It's eggs! Big, Mega Eggdozers.
      • Wrong: Well, you have egg on your face. Because Yoshi throws eggs.
  2. Yoshi can hover in the air using this move:
    • Flutter Jump
    • Long Shot
    • Super fly
      • Right: Yes! Our hearts are all aflutter! The Flutter Jump gives your jumps a little extra oomph!
      • Wrong: That answer won't float. The move is called the Flutter Jump, and Yoshi makes a cute little noise when he does it.
  3. Who is Yoshi's best friend?
    • Baby Bowser
    • Kamek
    • Baby Mario
      • Right: Oh, baby! You got it right! It's Baby Mario: action hero in a diaper!
      • Wrong: Maybe you need a nap. The answer is Baby Mario!
  4. What's the green guy's catchphrase?
    • "Yoshi!"
    • "It's a-me!"[sic]
    • "Look out!"
      • Right: You caught it! Yoshi says "Yoshi." A lot.
      • Wrong: Nope. Yoshi's aren't big talkers. When they do talk, it's about themselves: "Yoshi!"
  5. Watch out! One of these is a bad guy:
    • Baby Luigi
    • Little Mouser
    • The Stork
      • Right: You have a keen eye for evil. Little Mouser is a big stinker.
      • Wrong: What? Those are adorable little babies, not bad guys! The one you need to look out for is Little Mouser!

Result messages[edit]

These are the messages that are displayed after completing the quiz, based on how many questions the player answered correctly.

  • 0/5, 1/5 or 2/5: Keep Trying! You may not know Yoshi very well yet, but keep trying!
  • 3/5, 4/5 or 5/5: Egg-cellent! Egg-cellent! You're a top-notch Yoshi expert!

Website description[edit]

Are you an expert Yoshi-ologist?

How well do you know the star of Yoshi's New Island? Answer these trivia questions to find out!