Super Mario Party Card Creator

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Super Mario Party Card Creator
Title screen of Super Mario Party Card Creator
Title screen
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Rating(s) N/A
Input Pointing device

Super Mario Party Card Creator, referred to as Mario Party Greeting Card Maker Online Free in the title of its web page, is an application on the Play Nintendo website that allows users to design greeting cards using graphical items related to Super Mario Party.[1] It can only be used on devices with a big enough screen, such as desktop and tablet devices, but not smartphones.


"Review your card" screen from the Super Mario Party Card Creator
The card review screen

The user is initially prompted to design the card's cover. They are shown an empty canvas, upon which they can apply greetings, characters, items, and a background. On the same screen, there is a "Clear" button which resets the user's card design to a blank canvas, as well as a "Randomize" button which generates a preset design. On a different screen, the user can type an optional message of maximum 300 characters to be shown alongside the design, and can also change the color of the text. The application may automatically censor expletives typed by the user in their message, although it does not censor the word "ass". At any time, the user can click the "I'm done!" button at the bottom right, which takes them to a card review screen where they can opt to download their current card in both PDF and JPG formats or to overwrite the card.


Greetings, characters, and items can be repositioned and resized.





Preset designs[edit]

The following designs can appear when selecting "Randomize".

Message text colors[edit]

The written message can be displayed in the following colors.

Black #000000
Blue #258DFA
Green #0DB14B
Red #FF0628
Pink #EF4D8F
Yellow #FFD200
Purple #A800FF
Light green #A0E300
Orange #FF8400

Official descriptions[edit]

The Super Mario Party Card Creator activity
You can design custom invites, birthday cards, and more with a Super Mario Party twist!

Super Mario Party Card Creator
You can design & print custom cards!


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