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Mario Secret Message Fun Decoding, also referred to as Homework cat-astrophe! by its card and description, is a post about Super Mario Maker 2 in the News section released on Play Nintendo's website. The challenge of the post is to solve a cryptogram.


The solution is marked with a green border.


Mario Secret Message Fun Decoding image 1.jpg

Oh no! Undodog undid Cat Mario’s homework! What will Cat Mario do now?

_____ ____ _______.

Start from scratch


Use the alphabet key below to match the items to their corresponding letter and try to spell out the secret message!

Each letter is represented by an item, block, or enemy.


Cat Mario worked hard on his first homework of the school year, but his friend Undodog accidentally made it disappear—woof! Can you decode the message below to find out what Cat Mario will do? Undodog and Cat Mario appear in the Super Mario Maker 2 game, available now for the Nintendo Switch system.


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