Holiday Create-a-Card (2021)

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Holiday Create-a-Card
Title screen of Holiday Create-a-Card
Title screen
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Rating(s) N/A
Input Pointing device/keyboard

Holiday Create-a-Card, referred to as Print & Play 2021 Mario and Friends Holiday Card Creator in the title of its web page, is an activity on the Play Nintendo website.[1] It is an application that allows users to design a holiday greeting card using Super Mario-themed decorations.


Card customization screen in the Holiday Create-a-Card application
Card customization screen

The application features an empty canvas upon which the user can add decorations from a scrollable list. There are five tabs with decorations available: backgrounds, greetings, characters, items, and presets. Backgrounds automatically cover the canvas when selected, while greetings, characters, and items can be individually resized, rotated, and repositioned across the canvas. The presets tab offers predetermined designs for the card, which overwrite the current design when selected. The user can empty the canvas at any time by selecting the "Clear all" button.

The user can click "Next" to advance to a screen where they can opt to download their card as a PDF file (which includes instructions for printing and folding the card) or as an image file. On the same screen, the user can also choose to return to the canvas so as to resume editing their card.


When a decoration is placed on the canvas, the user can select and move it around by way of a pointing device (mouse, touchscreen etc.) Upon selecting the decoration, it displays two adjacent buttons which perform different actions: one can simultaneously rotate and resize the decoration when dragged, and the other deletes it when selected. Alternatively, keyboard controls may be used:

+- Bigger/smaller
<> Rotate
[] Re-order
Delete Delete
Shift + Any Modify
W Align top
A Align left
S Align bottom
D Align right
C Center horizontally
V Center vertically







The application has five predetermined card designs, shown below.

Official description[edit]

Holiday Create-a-Card
You can create your own custom holiday cards for friends and family!


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