Mushroom Kingdom Match-Up

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Mushroom Kingdom Match-Up
Mushroom Kingdom Match-Up title.jpg
Developer(s) Unknown
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Release date Unknown
Genre Match-up
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Media HTML
Input Mouse

Mushroom Kingdom Match-Up is a simple Mario-themed concentration game on the Play Nintendo website.


Gameplay of Hard mode

This game mostly consists of a game of match-up starring characters and items appearing in the Mario franchise. It plays the original 8-bit "Here We Go!" theme from Super Mario Bros. throughout the game. The player can choose between three different difficulty options:

  • Easy (which features eight cards and starts at 5000 points)
  • Medium (which features twelve cards and starts at 9000 points)
  • Hard (which features twenty-four cards and starts at 12000 points)

Each difficulty is represented by a different character at the bottom-right corner: Yoshi appears in Easy mode, Mario appears in Medium, and Princess Peach appears in Hard.

Once the player selects a difficulty, the game begins. The player then has to match up every card as quickly as possible. By matching a pair, a sound effect corresponding to the card's subject plays, most of which were recycled from Super Mario 3D World. The score which deducts 100 points to the time bonus for every second elapsed. Each match is worth 500 points. Once the player matches every card, they receive a final score; they can also click the "What's THAT?" button to read a short description of each characters and items featured on the cards during the game.


Name Description
1-Up Mushroom "Get an extra life!"
Blooper "Bloopers leave squid marks."
Bob-omb! "Bob-omb is the sound they make!"
Boo "Boo! No, that's his name."
Bowser "The big boss with the spiky back!"
Bowser Jr. "He's a chip off the old Koopa shell."
Bullet Bill "Blast off with Bullet Bills!"
Coin "Collect Coins to make good things happen!"
Donkey Kong "He's bananas for bananas!"
Dry Bones "Keep stomping–they come back!"
Fire Flower "Great, bouncing fire balls!"
Goomba "Got Goombas? Hop on them!"
Green Shell "Jump! It's a Green Shell!"
Luigi "It's Mario's bro, of course."
Mario "This hero is hopping!"
Piranha Plant "Don't pet them. They bite!"
Princess Peach "She rules in the Mushroom Kingdom!"
Red Shell "Ouch! They're hard to avoid."
Rosalina "An out-this-world[sic] star!"
Super Mushroom "Make Mario big!"
Super Star "They make Mario invincible!"
Toad "Toad is everyone's buddy!"
Warp Pipe "The instantaneous way to go!"
Yoshi "Wanna ride? Ask Yoshi!"
Yoshi Egg "Toss at enemies! Over easy."

Website description[edit]

Mushroom Kingdom Match-Up

How well do you know the Mushroom Kingdom?