Luigi's Mansion 3 Image Creator

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Luigi's Mansion 3 Image Creator
LM3 Image Creator title.png
Title screen
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Input Mouse

Luigi's Mansion 3 Image Creator, also referred to as Luigi's Mansion 3 Haunted Photo Booth App in the name of its web page, is an activity on the Play Nintendo website.[1] It allows users to create custom collages using a photograph of their own and several elements from Luigi's Mansion 3, such as items and characters.


The player first starts on the title screen, where they must choose from three artboard layouts to make their collage in: Square, Desktop, or Postcard. After this, the player can either choose to use a photograph from their device or can proceed without a photograph. Next, the player is taken to the customization screen, where they can customize their collage using elements including backgrounds, greetings, items, and characters. The player can also change their artboard layout by clicking the "Artboard" button, clear all current elements on the collage by clicking the "Clear all" button, and choose a random layout of elements by clicking the "Randomize" button. Once the player is finished making their collage, they can click the "I'm done!" button to download and save it to their device.







The following are possible results when choosing "Randomize":

Website description[edit]

A “haunted” image creator

You can transform yourself into Luigi and his all-green doppelganger Gooigi with this “haunted” image creator inspired by the Luigi’s Mansion 3 game. Plus, you can add a background, items, characters, and a greeting to create an image for printable postcards, desktop wallpaper, and more!

Green with envy

You can create a Goo-ey masterpiece!



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