The Great Stage

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The Great Stage
The theater entrance with the Poltergust G-00 lifting Luigi, hence burst
Floor 4
Boss Amadeus Wolfgeist
Boo Boogie
“Oh, bravo!”
Luigi, Luigi's Mansion 3

The Great Stage is the fourth floor of The Last Resort in Luigi's Mansion 3. Luigi can access it after having acquired its elevator button at the Mezzanine. After reaching this floor for the first time, Professor E. Gadd will call Luigi and inform him that he can use the Virtual Boo to instantly warp to the lab from anywhere, as long as he is by himself.

Upon entering the Auditorium, Luigi discovers Toad's portrait on the stage where Amadeus Wolfgeist is playing his piano. When he tries to get on the stage, Wolfgeist notices him and retracts the stairs leading up to the stage, then starts making the chairs levitate and tries to hit Luigi with them. Once they have all been destroyed, he summons Goobs posing as ballerinas to go after Luigi. When Luigi captures all of the Goobs, Wolfgeist becomes furious and attacks Luigi directly by possessing his piano. After capturing Wolfgeist, Luigi rescues Toad and obtains the elevator button that grants access to Castle MacFrights. He soon delivers Toad to E. Gadd in his lab and continues on his adventure.


Name Image Gem availability Boo availability
Elevator Hall The Great Stage, Elevator Hall. Yes No
Restroom The Great Stage, Restroom. Yes Yes
Concession Stand The Great Stage, Concession Stand. Yes Yes
Auditorium Luigi fighting Amadeus Wolfgeist in the Auditorium. Yes No
Dressing Room The Great Stage, Dressing Room. Yes Yes

Gem locations[edit]

Gem Room Location
Gem Restroom (Left) On the sink, Luigi must use the Dark-Light Device to restore the missing faucet, then turn it on to reveal a Gem Goob.
Gem Dressing Room At the far left corner of the room, Luigi must use the Dark-Light Device on the piano to restore its missing keys, then play it.
Gem Concession Stand After getting into the concession stand through flushing the toilet in the right restroom, Luigi needs to blow exhaust on the bottles from left to right to open a safe, which contains the gem.
Gem Auditorium After obtaining the ability to use Super Suction later in the game, Luigi must return to the auditorium and burst on a square in front of the painting Toad was in, which causes an electrical outlet to appear. Using Super Suction to destroy back wall reveals a hidden area with a TV that leads to one of the balconies where Luigi can use burst to find the gem.
Gem Elevator Hall Near the elevator, Luigi or Gooigi must blow exhaust into the sousaphone while the other vacuums to retrieve it.
Gem Elevator Hall At the far left end of the hall, activating the popcorn machine three times with the Strobulb causes it to burst, revealing several coins, bills, and the gem.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホールフロア
Hōru Furoa
Hall Floor

Dutch Concertzaal
Concert hall
French (NOA) La Grande scène
The Great Stage
French (NOE) Salle de concert
Concert hall
German Konzertbereich
Concert Area
Italian Sala concerti
Concert(s) hall
Spanish Sala de conciertos
Concert Hall