Super Suction

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“Heh heh heh! Now what do you think of that! I've completed my modifications to the Poltergust G-00! I call it Super Suction! It has increased the suction power exponentially! ...Unfortunately, you have to plug it in to a special electrical socket in order to use Super Suction. A minor inconvenience that you can surely handle! I'm sure you'll find a few such sockets in this hotel. Try it out as soon as you see one!”
Professor Elvin Gadd, Luigi's Mansion 3
Luigi using Super Suction on a boat in The Spectral Catch
Luigi sucking up a boat in The Spectral Catch

Super Suction is a special move performed by Luigi in Luigi's Mansion 3. When he is near a socket, he may activate Super Suction, emitting an electrical current to go into the Poltergust G-00, causing his vacuum to have extra power. This allows him to suck up objects that he could not suck up before, such as unstable walls. At any given point of time during Super Suction, the player can press B Button, stopping the electrical current, and reverting the Poltergust G-00 to normal.

Super Suction is obtained in the Boilerworks. After Luigi encounters a boat blocking the doorway in The Spectral Catch, E. Gadd calls Luigi on the Virtual Boo, telling him that he can't proceed due to the boat, and that he should go to the lab. When Luigi arrives there, E. Gadd tells Luigi that Toad left footage of him in the Boilerworks. The footage is of Toad holding the part of the Poltergust G-00, until he encounters some ghosts. Toad then proceeds to escape, but drops the camera as well as being lost and scared within the Boilerworks. E. Gadd sends Luigi to the Boilerworks to retrieve the lost part, and find Toad. After successfully doing so, Luigi must head back to the lab, although he must do it by foot, as E. Gadd is unable to transport him back. Luigi must also take a detour to the Elevator Hall, as there is a sleeping Hammer blocking the door from the inside. Once Luigi has returned to the lab, E. Gadd will install the part to the Poltergust G-00. This will allow Luigi to destroy the boat blocking the door in The Spectral Catch. The upgrade will also decrease the rate that the slam meter depletes, allowing Luigi and Gooigi to slam ghosts up to seven times in both Story Mode and the ScareScraper.


A few sockets can be found in the hotel, in different floors. Some of these are used to retrieve gems.

  • The Great Stage: In the Auditorium, there is a trapdoor that requires Luigi to use Burst in order to open the trapdoor and reveal the socket. When Super Suction is activated, Luigi can suck up the wall on the stage, revealing a TV on the other side.
  • The Spectral Catch: Within the Elevator Hall, there is a socket on the west wall. When activated, Luigi can suck up a boat, as well as various parts of the boat, revealing a blocked door.
  • The Dance Hall: Inside of the Dance Floor, there are two inactive panels that Luigi and Gooigi must stand on, revealing the socket. When active, Luigi can suck up the DJ booth, revealing a hidden bunker.