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Floor B1
Boss Steward
Boo Boosement

The Basement is an area in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is located below the Grand Lobby and above the Boilerworks. It contains a laundry room and parking garage, as well as Professor E. Gadd's lab. Luigi first explores this area near the start of the game, when he falls through the laundry chute after being chased by King Boo down the hallway of RIP Suites. He falls into the laundry room and is awoken by Polterpup, who leads him to the parking garage where he finds a red vehicle with the Poltergust G-00 inside. Polterpup then teaches Luigi how to use the vacuum, as well as the Strobulb and Burst. Luigi is then able to walk up to the first floor of The Last Resort.

Luigi returns to the basement later on after rescuing Professor E. Gadd. The professor sets up his portable laboratory and gives Luigi the Virtual Boo, allowing them to communicate at any time. He then sends Luigi on a mission to get his briefcase from the fifth floor. When Luigi returns with the briefcase, Professor E. Gadd opens it to reveal a capsule with a green goo-like substance which he injects into the Poltergust G-00. He then teaches Luigi how to use Gooigi. Luigi can return to Professor E. Gadd's lab at any time to play ScareScraper mode, view collected ghosts and gems in the vault, and talk to the professor.


Name Image Gem availability Boo availability
Laundry Room Luigi exploring the Basement Laundry Room in Luigi's Mansion 3. Yes Yes
Service Hallway Luigi and Professor E. Gadd exploring the Service Hallway. Yes No
Garage The Garage in Luigi's Mansion 3. Yes Yes
Service Stairwell Service Stairwell, Luigi's Mansion 3. Yes Yes
Lab Luigi inside of Professor Elvin Gadd's lab No No
Elevator Shaft Elevator Shaft, Basement, Luigi's Mansion 3 Yes No

Gem locations[edit]

Image Location How to Get
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Garage After using the Poltergust G-00 to suck up the tarp off the hooded car, Luigi can flash the green light with the Strobulb to pop open the trunk, revealing the gem.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Garage Gooigi must walk through the chain-link fence at the far left, pop open the electrical box with the Suction Shot, then flash the green light to access the gem.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Elevator Shaft There is a metal cover on the far right of the Garage that Luigi can pull off with the Suction Shot to reveal a tunnel that leads into the Elevator Shaft. Luigi must climb the ladder to the top of the shaft, then have Gooigi drop down through the grate and get the gem.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Laundry Room Luigi can use the Suction Shot to pull the cover off the middle dryer, which contains the gem.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Service Hallway Using the Dark-Light Device on a painting near the garage door makes the gem come out.
Gem in Luigi's Mansion 3 Service Stairwell Gooigi must ooze through the bars on the floor at the top of the stairs to get to the gem.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 地下

Dutch Kelder
French Sous-sol
German Keller
Italian Seminterrato
Spanish Sótano