Barber Shop

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Barber Shop
The Barber Shop in the Hotel Shops.
Floor Hotel Shops

The Barber Shop is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found on the first level of the Hotel Shops. It is left of the Boutique and below the Accessories. This is the fourth and final shop Gooigi needs to explore. Due to there being bars in the door, only Gooigi can explore the barber shop.

After getting the club key from the Gift Shop, Gooigi needs to get the star key from the barber shop to unlock the door to the Security Office and fight Kruller. Before he can slip into the shop, both Gooigi and Luigi need to spin the clubs on the wall to turn the scissors, opening up the way. Gooigi is then able to walk inside and use the club key on the cash register to get the star key. Once he leaves the barber shop, he is melted by a sprinkler turned on by a Hammer.

There are shelves on the west wall with coins in the drawers. There is a sink next to the cash register. There is a calendar on the north wall along with different pictures of facial hair. There are two spinning chairs in front of two mirrors. Gooigi can use the Dark-Light Device near the southeast corner, then suck up the Spirit Balls to reveal a drawer with Bills inside.

By spinning both chairs in front of the mirrors, Gooigi can reveal two Golden Goobs. However if the player has not found them after beating floor 3, they will no longer appear for the remainder of the game.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Friseursalon
Barber Shop
Italian Barbiere
Barber shop
Spanish (NOE) Barbería
Barber's Shop