Weight Room

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Weight Room
The Weight Room in the Fitness Center in Luigi's Mansion 3
Floor Fitness Center
Normal ghosts Hammer, Goobs, Slinkers

The Weight Room is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found in the Fitness Center on the thirteenth floor of The Last Resort. It is west of the Locker Room, and east of the Training Room.

When Luigi enters the Weighting Room, he is attacked by two Hammers, one with boxing gloves and the other throwing weights, all of which must be defeated to proceed. The red gem is found up the stairs in the bottom-left corner of the room, Luigi or Gooigi must stand on the scale to reveal the gem in a secret compartment near the staircase reflected in the mirror while the other retrieves it.

When Luigi returns to the Weight Room when hunting down Polterkitty with Polterpup, he is attacked by Hammers, Goobs, and Slinkers after he shoots the boxing glove at the punching bag to reveal Polterkitty.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Sala pesi Weight room
Spanish (NOE) Sala de pesas Weight Room