Dressing Room (The Great Stage)

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Dressing Room
The Great Stage, Dressing Room.
Floor The Great Stage

The Dressing Room is a location in Luigi's Mansion 3. It is found on the fourth floor of The Last Resort, The Great Stage. It is west of the Auditorium, the door being hidden behind the left curtain. The red gem can be found here.

In the dressing room, there is a piano in the northwest corner, a mirror in the northeast corner, a portrait of Amadeus Wolfgeist on the north wall, and a coat rack in the southwest corner near a suitcase. There is sheet music scattered on the floor near the piano. There are also shelves holding trophies Luigi can launch Toad at to knock them down, breaking them open to reveal Gold Bars. There are Bills in the drawer under the mirror. There is a Golden Goob inside the suitcase.

When Luigi enters the dressing room, he sees a Goob dusting near the piano. After capturing him, Luigi can use the Dark-Light Device to reveal missing keys on the piano. He can then interact with the piano to play a theme from Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, revealing the gem afterward.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
German Garderobe Wardrobe
Italian Camerino Dressing room
Spanish (NOA) Vestidor Dresser/Dressing Room
Spanish (NOE) Camerino Dressing Room