RIP Suites

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RIP Suites
LM3 E3 screen 11.png
Floor 5
Boss Chambrea
Boo Boolldog

The RIP Suites are an area in Luigi's Mansion 3 located on the fifth floor of The Last Resort. Its name is a play on the terms "RIP" (which stands for "rest in peace") and "VIP Suites". Luigi's, Mario's, Princess Peach's, Professor E. Gadd's, and the Toads' rooms are found here. Luigi first visits the RIP Suites near the start of the game, when Hellen Gravely escorts them to their rooms. At first, the hallway and hotel rooms are colorful and lit up, with presents and happy surprises all over. When night falls upon the hotel, however, the RIP Suites are significantly changed. The hallway and rooms are now dark, dreary, and somewhat foggy. The balloons now have spooky faces, and the happy surprises are now frightening.

When he hears Princess Peach screaming, Luigi wakes up, grabs his flashlight, and walks out of his room. When investigating Mario's and Peach's rooms, he discovers that they are missing. Walking to the elevator, Hellen Gravely then appears and reveals that she was working with King Boo, having released him from his painting, and he has put Mario, Peach, and the Toads in frames. He attempts to put Luigi in a frame and chases him down the hallway, smashing luggage and cleaning carts. At the end of the hallway is a laundry chute which Luigi uses to escape from his arch-nemesis.

After he defeats Steward and recovers the fifth floor elevator button, Luigi is sent on a mission to get Professor E. Gadd's briefcase from his room. Once he enters Room 508, however, a ghost maid named Chambrea discovers the briefcase and notices Luigi. To prevent him from getting it, she swallows the briefcase and flees the room. Luigi must track her down. Once he defeats Chambrea, he recovers both the briefcase and the third floor elevator button.


Gem locations[edit]

Gem Room Location
LM3 RIP Suites White Gem.jpg 508 Balcony Looking into the telescope reveals a Gem Goob.
LM3 RIP Suites Red Gem.jpg 501 Balcony After using the Dark-Light Device in Room 501 to reveal the door to the balcony, Luigi can go out, walk to the right, then simply pull the gem from the gargoyle's mouth.
LM3 RIP Suites Blue Gem.jpg Laundry Room Luigi must use the Suction Shot on the panel in the northwest corner of the laundry room to reveal the gem.
LM3 RIP Suites Green Gem.jpg Hallway Launching the orb to the right of Room 505 and launching it at the skull statue destroys it, releasing the gem in its mouth.
LM3 RIP Suites Purple Gem.jpg 507 Bathroom Luigi must suck up the drape in the northwest corner to reveal a secret tunnel leading to the gem.
LM3 RIP Suites Yellow Gem.jpg 502 Bathroom Gooigi needs to slip through the grate in the floor, then use the Suction Shot to pull the wood off the valve. He then must turn the valve to stop the flowing water. After that, Luigi needs to turn the bath faucet until a suitcase comes out of the bathtub and use the Suction Shot on the suitcase. The gem is inside.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOA) Suites RIP RIP suites
French (NOE) Suite RIP RIP suite
German VIP-Zimmer VIP Rooms
Italian Camere spettrali Spectral rooms


Luigi's Mansion 3 My Nintendo Phonepaper.jpg
  • The Luigi's Mansion 3-themed My Nintendo smartphone wallpaper uses the RIP Suites as a backdrop, evidenced by the number "5" above the elevator.