King MacFrights

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King MacFrights
LM3 King MacFrights and Luigi artwork.png
Floor Castle MacFrights
HP 200

King MacFrights is the sixth boss encountered in Luigi's Mansion 3. King MacFrights is encountered and fought on the sixth floor after Luigi locates him at Castle MacFrights. He then taunts Luigi with the elevator button to the seventh floor and challenges him to make it through his castle and reach him.


King MacFrights is a Scottish medieval ghost with an appearance similar to a king. He has a red beard, gloves, and hair that has a large bald spot and a gold crown with rubies on top of his head, as well as yellow eyes and a mouth.

Luigi searches the jousting area when King MacFrights notices him on a balcony. Enraged at his presence, he then possesses a suit of armor attached to a steed, and then, upon showboating the "audience", charges at Luigi, forcing the latter to dodge.


The first phase of the battle has King MacFrights riding around the arena and then charging at the player, requiring a well-timed Strobulb flash to stun him long enough to fire a Suction Shot at him and then slam his armor around. The armor needs to be slammed nine times to destroy it, and Luigi can slam it up to three times per cycle. During each successive portion, he will also order for fire arrows to be launched. The closer his armor is to being destroyed, the faster and farther he will charge. The amount of arrows fired during a volley also increases as the fight goes on, starting at one and going up to five. Once his armor is destroyed, King MacFrights is armed only with a sword and shield, and after doing a spinning charge, he will drop the shield and struggle to pick it up, dizzying himself and leaving him vulnerable to the Strobulb. Upon being defeated, he will try to use his sword to prevent himself from being sucked in, only for him to cause his sword to spin in the air and get sucked in as he's reaching for it. The "audience" then boos at Luigi before vanishing with Luigi getting the seventh floor's elevator button.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホリーボーテ三世[1]
Horībōte Sansei
Translated as "Horībōte the Third"; Horībōte is derived from 「ハリボテ」(haribote), which means "billboard".
Spanish (NOA) Rey McAbro King McAbre, pun on macabro (macabre)
Spanish (NOE) Rey Espantacus King Espantacus, a portmanteau of espantar (to frighten) and Spartacus
French Charleminus Pun on the name of Frankish king Charlemagne with the word minus (a pejorative term for a small person)
Dutch Karel de Boze A reference to Karel de Grote (Charlemagne or Charles the Great). His title de Boze means "the Angry", "the Malicious" or "the Vile".
German König Spuk King Spook
Italian Re Spaventù Pun on Re Artù (King Arthur) with the word spavento (fright)
Korean 홀리 보테 3세
hollibote samse
Same as Japanese
Chinese 聖波提三世
Shèng Bōtí Sānshì
Holy-Boti the Third. Translated from Japanese name and treated "ホリー" (horī) as "Holy".