Miss Petunia

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Miss Petunia
Luigi's Mansion
Full name Miss Petunia, the Bathing Beauty
Age Unknown
Biography The Miss Ghost runner-up from six years ago, she hasn't had much modeling work lately.
Room Bathroom (2F)
HP 100
Heart quote Ahh...a piping hot shower!

Miss Petunia, the Bathing Beauty, is a portrait ghost of unknown age from Luigi's Mansion. She was the "Miss Ghost" runner-up from six years before the appearance of Luigi's Mansion in Boo Woods. She has not done much modeling work since and has gained a lot of weight. In fact, besides being overweight, she also has pig-like features, including a pig snout, hooves for hands, and a pink hue. Wearing her showering cap and bathing suit, Miss Petunia spends her time in Luigi's Mansion taking showers in the Bathroom on the second floor. She is captured by Luigi during his search for Mario. Her portrait number in Professor E. Gadd's gallery is 6.

Luigi's Mansion[edit]

Miss Petunia resides behind the shower curtain when Luigi enters the room. When the curtain is closed, Miss Petunia's silhouette is a thin, svelte figure washing her hair, until the curtain is moved, revealing her actual figure. Her silhouette is possibly how she looked in her "Miss Ghost" days.

If Luigi pulls back the curtain with the Poltergust 3000, Petunia shoots a blast of scalding hot water at Luigi, delivering ten HP of damage if it hits him. When Luigi gives her a blast of ice using the Ice Element Medal, it causes Miss Petunia to sneeze, making her vulnerable, and Luigi sucks the ghost in with the Poltergust. After capturing Miss Petunia, Luigi acquires the key needed to open the door to the Billiards Room.

According to Nana's diary, the grandmother ghost once played a practical joke on Miss Petunia by filling her bathtub with ice while the former "Miss Ghost" runner-up was away, leaving Miss Petunia in for quite a shock when she returned to her bath. This diary entry acts as a clue on how to capture Miss Petunia.

Physical appearance[edit]

Miss Petunia wears a multicolored bathing suit with a matching shower cap. She has pig hooves for hands and a matching pink nose. She has a sideways oval shaped head with a very distinct chin. She has hot pink skin and small yellow eyes with long black lashes.


GameCube version[edit]

3DS version[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミス・ブーニャ
Misu Būnya
English title "miss" +「ブーブー」(būbū, an onomatopoeia meaning "oink") and possibly「フニャフニャ」(funya'funya, flabby)
French Mlle Pétunia, La Beauté dans le Bain Miss Petunia, The Beauty in the Bath
German Fräulein Petunia, Badeschönheit Miss Petunia, bathing Beauty
Italian Sig.na Petunia, bellezza al bagno Miss Petunia, beauty in the bath
Spanish Señorita Begoña, la belleza de la bañera Miss Begoña, the Bathing Beauty


The silhouette of Miss Petunia from Luigi's Mansion
Miss Petunia's silhouette when behind the curtain.
  • In the E3 2001 playable demo of Luigi's Mansion, Luigi enters the bathroom in which Miss Petunia is ordinarily bathing in. While her silhouette is visible, when Luigi opens the curtain, no one is there. This could be purely to add a bit of eeriness to the game, or possibly Miss Petunia needed to be exposed by other means. Before Luigi enters Miss Petunia's bathroom, he exits the dining room from a door on the opposite wall from what appears to be the door to the Sealed Room. In the final version, the bathroom where Miss Petunia showers is on the second floor rather than the first. A video clip containing this content can be found here.