Slim Bankshot

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Slim Bankshot
A screenshot of Slim Bankshot.
Full name Slim Bankshot, the Lonely Poolshark (GameCube) / The lone competitor (3DS)
Age 29
Biography Slim's a legend in the world of competitive pool. Too bad he's never played a living soul.
Room Billiards Room
HP 100
Heart quote You want some of this?

Slim Bankshot, the Lonely Poolshark is a portrait ghost in Luigi's Mansion and its remake. He has teal skin, glowing yellow eyes, and dark violet hair with a cowlick. His head is spherical, and he has a slender build. He wears a grey diamond-patterned vest over a white shirt with both sleeves rolled up. On his right hand, he has a gold ring with a red jewel. According to his biography, he was a legend in the competitive pool circuit, despite the fact that he never played a living soul. His name is based on the billiards term "bankshot" (or "bank shot"), in which the player hits the cue ball against a railing before striking another ball into a pocket. His portrait number in the Gallery is 17.

Slim Bankshot is found playing 3-Ball in the Billiards Room, shooting billiard balls with his cue stick. Slim hits the balls so hard that they fly off the table and bounce around the room, taking away 5 HP each time they hit Luigi. Every time they are hit, Slim travels around the pool table once before hitting the balls again. To make Bankshot vulnerable, Luigi has to suck up one of the flying billiard balls with the Poltergust 3000. The ball will then get stuck at the end of the vacuum, allowing Luigi to shoot the ball like a projectile at Slim Bankshot. As the balls hit Slim, he appears more and more fatigued when attempting to make a shot. After being hit three times, Slim will become limp and vulnerable and Luigi can capture the ghost with the Poltergust. Slim Bankshot has a strong pull. If Bankshot manages to break free from Luigi's hold, he will return to shooting pool and Luigi must repeat the process. Once Slim Bankshot is caught, a treasure chest appears which contains a Blue Diamond and two Gold Bars, along with other minor treasures. In the Hidden Mansion of the Nintendo 3DS version, capturing Slim Bankshot is required because this spawns a treasure chest with Mario's Shoe.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポール・ロング
Pōru Rongu
Pole/Paul Long, possibly derived from "long pole" or actor Paul Newman, who famously played a pool hustler in the film The Hustler

French Joe l'Arnaque, Le Joueur de Billard
Joe the Fraud, The Billiards' player
German Volker Volltreffer, Einsamer Billard-King
Volker Bullseye, Lonely Billiard King
Italian Steccasecca, il giocatore solitario
Long-pole/Thin-pole, the lonely player
Spanish Muni, el solitario rey del billar
Muni, the Lonely Billiards King


Portrait of a man resembling Slim Bankshot in Luigi's Mansion
The portrait
  • A black-and-white picture of a person similar in appearance to Slim Bankshot can be found on the north wall of the Billiards Room, possibly depicting him when he was alive.
  • Occasionally, a billiard ball that Slim fires will bounce off of a wall and hit Slim while he travels around the table, effectively meaning that he hit himself. However, it is still advised to actively shoot the balls at him, as that only happens rarely.
  • In the Courtyard, there is a statue of Slim kneeling down in a splayed-arm fashion.