Grabbing Ghost

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Grabbing Ghost
LM Red Grabbing Ghost.png
First appearance Luigi's Mansion (2001)
Parent species Ghost

Grabbing Ghosts[1] are a type of ghost encountered in Luigi's Mansion. They attack by grabbing hold of Luigi from behind and squeezing him, which prevents movement. The player has to shake the Control Stick to throw off a Grabbing Ghost. As they move, they constantly make gasping or wheezing noises.

The weakest Grabbing Ghost is light pink and has ten Heart Points, while all other types have twenty. The pink type cannot damage Luigi, but will still grab him, leaving him vulnerable to attacks from another ghost. Red Grabbing Ghosts will damage Luigi for 5-13 points of damage, letting go if he takes the maximum amount of damage. Turquoise Grabbing Ghosts are completely invisible unless Luigi stuns one with his flashlight. However, they are visible in the large mirror on the wall of the Mirror Room, the only room in which they are encountered. Another hint to their location is a small puff of dust on the ground that appears when they materialize. Later, Purple Grabbing Ghosts would appear, whom Luigi had to detect via their silhouette cast by a projector on a movie screen in the Projection Room, similarly the only room in which they appear. Like Turquoise Grabbing Ghosts, they leave behind a dust cloud when they materialize. The later two types are otherwise identical to the red type. All of the variations can be hurt by any element as well.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トッキー
A possible corruption of "Chokey," referring to its grabbing resembling a choke hold.


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