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This is a list of quotes from Luigi's Mansion 3.


  • Boosement: "Ho ho, I'm Boosement! Looks like you're still in the dark! Ho ho!"
  • Boosement: "Ho ho, I'm Boosement! Looks like you found me...or did you?"
  • GumBoo: "Yoo-hoo! I'm GumBoo! Oo-wee! Found me! Y'all stay back, now!"
  • Booigi: "I'm Booigi, number one! One of us is gonna have to change!"
  • Kung Boo: "Hi-yah! I'm Kung Boo! You won't catch me! I flow like water!"
  • Boolldog: "Arf, arf! I'm Boolldog! I'm off the chain! Grrr!"
  • Boogie: "Ta-daaa! I'm Boogie! This hotel is pretty swanky!"
  • Boo-at-Arms: "Thou mayest call me Boo-at-Arms! Come, let us duel with honor!"
  • Bootanist: "Hello, they call me Bootanist... It looks like you found me..."
  • Booducer: "Ha Ha Ha! I'm the Booducer! I can get a table anywhere I want!"
  • Boones: "ROAR! My name is Boones! You just dug up a heap of trouble!"
  • AnuBoo: "I'm AnuBoo! Time to tip the scales in my favor!"
  • ComBooster: "Fwooosh! I'm ComBooster! Is it me, or is it getting pretty steamy in here?"
  • Booccaneer: "Avast, me hearties! I be Booccaneer! Let me set sail-there's booty to plunder!"
  • Boodybuilder: "Yo, bro! I'm BoodyBuilder! You're pretty good! You been working out?"
  • Boofuddler: "Huh?! I-I'm Boofuddler! Aw shoot! Looks like you saw through my trick!"
  • Boosician: " 'Sup, dude! The name's Boosician! Got a minute to listen to my demo tape?"

Hellen Gravely[edit]

  • "Guests! Welcome to The Last Resort! My name is Hellen Gravely, and I am the owner of this hotel. I am absolutely delighted that you decided to accept my invitation. You all must be very tired. Come! Allow me to show you to your rooms. Oh, no need to worry about your luggage! Our exceptional staff will take care of it for you... Ha ha ha... You're our VIPs, after all! We've prepared a first-rate experience for you. All the trappings of luxury! Shall we get going? Mario, Luigi, and Peach's rooms are over here. We've prepared rooms for you Toads as well! I hope you enjoy your stay! I daresay you'll remember it for the rest of your lives! Ha ha ha..."
  • "Well well well! If it isn't my most esteemed VIP! I was just on my way to see you... Is your room living up to your expectations? Doesn't it SCREAM good taste? Oh, I can barely contain myself. You have no idea how much I wanted you to accept my invitation! "Why is that?" I'm sure you're wondering. Ha ha ha... You see... There is someone I truly adore! He's the inspiration for some of my greatest ideas... Like inviting you here! I'm such a huge fan of his! That's why it's so wonderful that I get to introduce him to... YOU! That's right, Luigi! I hope you're ready!"
  • "K-K-K-K-King Boo! There was just a tiny slipup... But it's no problem! Not at all! We'll have Luigi locked away soon! If I could just have a little bit more time..."
  • "Tch! How could my staff be so incompetent?! There's no way Luigi should have gotten this far! I supposed I underestimated you and that professor... Just a tad. Congratulations on making it all the way up here, but that doesn't mean you've won! Actually, this could be very, very good! You, Luigi... You're about to become the ultimate gift! Once I capture you and offer you to King Boo, he'll be absolutely delighted with me! In a way, this worked out splendidly. You might as well have wrapped yourself! Maybe King Boo will decide to display you next to this painting... I'll have to ask him! [...] Luiiiiiiigi! If you want to save Mario, you'll have to come and find me! Try not to faint from sheer terror before then. I'll be watching in anticipation!"
  • "Well well well... I honestly didn't think you'd have it in you. A scaredy-cat like you, making it this far... You're just full of surprises! You ransacked my hotel, captured my staff with that strange vacuum of yours... And to top it all off, you catnapped my sweetie, my little darling... My precious Polterkitty! This isn't how it was supposed to happen! [...] You weren't supposed to run away from King Boo like a filthy coward! If you'd just let yourself get caught in that painting, King Boo would have showered me with praise for my brilliant trap! But instead... Instead... I'VE LOST EVERYTHING! BECAUSE OF YOU! [...] Ahem... Shall we begin? I suppose I'll have to deal with you myself. Then King Boo will trust me once more and recognize how useful I can be to him! Are you ready, Luigi? Do try to make this enjoyable for me!"

Hotel Staff[edit]

  • "Is something the matter? I hope nothing is making your stay here less than perfect... Our entire staff is devoted to providing you with the ideal vacation experience! Heh heh heh..."
  • "It looks like you haven't checked in yet. Please make your way to the front desk. It's right over there..."
  • "Please make yourself comfortable... Perhaps you'd like to sample our selection of beverages?"
  • "My apologies for the inconvenience, but the elevator is temporarily out of service. We should have it in tip-top shape soon!"
  • "What do you think of the hotel? We take pride in the luxury and splendor it offers!"

King Boo[edit]

  • "Mwah ha ha! Surprise, Luigi! It's-a me, King Boo! That old coot had me locked up tight in his lab... But guess what? I GOT OUT! The hotel owner here was just dying to meet me, so she busted me out. Pretty lucky, huh? Anyway, I didn't think you'd actually show up here. I was ready though, just in case. In fact, my vengeance is nearly complete! What do I mean by "vengeance"? Glad you asked! I'm trapping you and everyone in your little vacation frames! Awww, there there, Luigi. It'll all be over soon. It's time for a family reunion! BOO-YA! Mwah ha ha! Take THAT! Oh, and there's one more frame, of course. I saved it especially for you! Stay right there and put on your best terrified face, Luigi! This is game over!"
  • "Mwa ha ha! How brash of you to come and face me, Luigi! You should have just run away while you had the chance! But instead you stayed and fought all the way up here to oppose me? How foolish! You may have made your way through the hotel using E. Gadd's frustrating inventions to suck up all the ghosts in your path... You were all SHWEERRPP-SHLOOOOP-WHOOORPP-SHLEEOOORG! Ahem. Anyway, just because you vacuumed up all of those ghosts doesn't mean you can take me on! It doesn't matter that you beat the hotel owner... Hellen Gravely! Ooooooo! She let all your friends get away! It's so frustrating when you trap something in a painting and it gets out, you know? Arg! Hellen Gravely... All those ghosts... Useless! I have to do everything myself! I'm sick of this! No more mercy for you, Luigi! No more tricks--no more carefully laid plans! Now it's time for raw King Boo gusto! You're all going in a painting! An ensemble portrait is your fate!"
  • "Mwa ha ha! Serves you right! Just a few left. Go on! Join them! My painting must be complete! Sorry to keep you waiting. Are you ready? I don't care!"
  • "...Hmm? One-two-three-four-five-six-sev-- WAIT! There should be seven! Who's missing!? [...] Luigi! What are you doing over there?! UGH! That's it! I'm sick to double death of you! You want to fight me? FINE! Let's go, Luigi! This is the end for you, once and for all! HERE I COME!"


  • "Oh, yeah!"
  • "Wowie zowie!"
  • "Uh, bye."
  • "OK."
  • "Night-night."
  • "Hello?"
  • "Oh no!"
  • "Mario?"
  • "Nononononono! M-M-M-M-Mario!" (refusing to leave immediately and leave his brother and his friends behind)
  • "M-Mario?"
  • "A-CHOO!!" (reaction to dust)
  • "Got it! Yeah! Luigi! Oh yeah!" (after getting the elevator button for the 3rd floor)
  • "Ah ha! I did it!" (after Gooigi gets the elevator button for the 2nd floor)
  • "Got it!" (after getting back the elevator button for the 4th floor from mice for the second time)
  • "Yeah... Oh, bravo!" (after getting the elevator button for the 6th floor)
  • "Ohhh. Ah ha!" (after getting the elevator button for the 7th floor)
  • "I did it!" (after getting the elevator button for the 8th floor)
  • "I'm-a star!" (after receiving the elevator button from Morty for the 9th floor)
  • "Yes!" (after getting back the elevator button for the 9th floor from Polterkitty)
  • "Gotcha!" (after getting the elevator button for the 10th floor)
  • "Ta-da!" (after getting the elevator button for the 12th floor)
  • "Ah ha!" (after getting the elevator button for the 13th floor)
  • "Oh yeah! Oh, yeah!" (after getting the elevator button for the 14th floor)
  • "Nononononono, nice kitty-" (when Polterkitty steals the elevator button for the 14th floor)
  • "Groovy!" (after getting the final elevator button)
  • "Mario! Hey, bro!" (after saving Mario as they hug each other)
  • "Come on! This way!" (when Luigi tells Mario which way to rescue Peach)
  • "Bye, everybody!" (after the post-credits scene)


  • "Let's go!"
  • "Oh, here I go!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Bye, bye!"
  • "Night-night!"
  • "Hey bro!" (when talking to him at the Grand Lobby)
  • "Oh... Doggy." (after Polterpup eats his slice of cake)
  • "Oh yeah! Yeah! Way to go, Luigi!" (after Luigi saves him, he jumps in his arms and hugs him)
  • "Ah-ah, ah-ah. This way! Let's-a go!" (Mario when Luigi tries to make him come to E. Gadd's lab)
  • "Come on!" (asking Luigi to follow him and go find Peach)
  • "Luigi, come on! Please, help! Luigi!" (on the roof, begging Luigi to get Peach out of her painting)
  • "Oh no. Oh no! OH NO!" (cries and goes into panic while looking at Peach's painting)


  • "The tragedy. Oooooh ho ho ho! Is this my end? Is this what I, Morty, director of the finest films, am destined for? How could I lose it... I am a puny, worthless movie director... That's all... Even the sparkle from this beautiful button is now nothing but a dull hue... AHHHHH! My bright red megaphone! Where art thou?! I would give anything to be able to hold my dear, sweet megaphone again..."
  • "My art! Oh how my art suffers! Do not slander the title "director" by applying it to me! Without my megaphone, I am unworthy of carrying such a name!"
  • "What's an artist without a brush? A chef without a knife? A dog without a bag of trash?! Nothing! Without my megaphone, I'm nothing too! No... I'm less than nothing!"
  • "Oooooh ho ho ho! This was my glory! I was no stranger to directing's highest honors! Now, I just silently gaze at it... A trivial trophy..." (when shown a trophy)
  • "Ah, the sound of clapboards echoing thoughout the studio... Reminds me of days when performers bustled about, full of life! But now I am a useless shell of a director! I have no use for that. Begone from my sight, clapboard! Your hinges offend me!" (when shown a movie clapperboard)
  • "Ah! A container to hold my tears? I could fill it to the brim and then some! But it is not to be... My tears are best suited to fall upon the ground. Go! Fill that container with some other liquid--consider not the tears I shed! These tools, they bore me to my very SOUL! Throw them into an abyss, for all I care! Ooooh ho ho ho..."
  • "My dreams are dried up...withered and blown away as dust in the wind. Take that water and use it for something good, like a gift to young life waiting to be moistened!"
  • "The fire within my soul has been extinguished... Much like that torch... My dreams are gone! The fire is gone! Ooooh ho ho ho! Isn't there a way to reignite that passionate fire once more?!"
  • "Oh! Oh! That burning flame! It roars like the passion of a true artist! Let that fiery passion burn a path for you! Only then will the muse be sated!"
  • "YOU! Wait a second! Hold it right there! I didn't notice until now, but your face... You have some nice features! And your build... Not bad. Not bad at all! I see all the makings of a star! Ahhh. My creativity is shaking off all the dust and surging to life! Come, come! Let's start shooting! Where's my crew?! Places, everyone! Take your places! And...action! Excellent! Excellent! Keep it up! Excellent work, you two! My gut tells me this is going to be a masterpiece! Now is your chance to achieve stardom! Now this... Oooh THIS is art... CUT!"
  • "My film is almost complete. Almost! Do not disturb me now. The editing process requires my absolute attention!"
  • "Oh ho, at last! My masterpiece is complete! Filled with gripping action, dripping with emotion... Oh, and the suspense! It has it all! Feast your eyes on THIS! If it is not the very definition of true art, I do not know what is!"

Princess Peach[edit]

  • "This hotel is so big, Luigi! It's gorgeously decorated too! We're so lucky to have gotten an invitation to come here! Hee hee!"
  • "Bye!"
  • "Ciao!"
  • "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
  • "Oh, Luigi, where are you going? Let's get checked in at the front desk."
  • "Yes! Yahoo!"
  • "Yay!"

Professor E. Gadd[edit]

  • "Ah! If it isn't Luigi! You are precisely the last person I'd expect to find here. Hold that thought—now isn't the time to catch up. What matters'll do nicely! Come on, Luigi. Get me out of here now! The hotel is filled to the brim with ghosts! Let's make a run for it! What was that? All of your friends have been captured?! And you can't just abandon them here, you say? You're the same as ever, I see. A bit of a handful... OK. I'm not thrilled about it, but I, Professor Elvin Gadd, have an idea! First things first, Luigi. We have to get to my car! Will you take me there? Hey. The new Poltergust G-00 you're wearing... You took that out of my car, right? We've got to get back to the underground garage. Let's go!"
  • "Luigi! I told you that the elevator is that way! Why even consider using the stairs when there is a perfectly good elevator?"
  • "Hey, Luigi! Look at that... It's money, and lots of it! Even with all the dangers here, I'm sure we agree that money is still important! The ghosts don't seem interested in grabbing it... What's the saying? "You can't take it with you"? Well, I definitely want it anyway! Keep your eyes peeled, and grab as much as you can! You know, while you're capturing ghosts and saving your friends. Multitasking!"
  • "Of all the... Someone has removed all the other elevator buttons! What's going on here? Hmm... A mystery for later, I suppose. Go ahead and give the B1 button a push. It didn't seem like any of your friends were trapped on 2F with me... They must have been taken to one of the floors higher up in the hotel. Which means... Yeah, we're going to need those elevator buttons." (when entering the elevator for the first time)
  • "Ho ho! Those are definitely the elevator buttons! I never would've guessed a ghost had taken them! But...there are only two. Maybe there are other ghosts out there with the rest of the buttons? No matter. Let's go to my car. I've got something very interesting that I want to show you!"
  • "Heh Heh Heh! Welcome to my lab! This is another of my brilliant inventions—a portable laboratory! It's sturdy, safe, and air conditioned! I always knew I'd need this one day. Good thing I brought it along with me, right? Hmm? You want to know what I'm doing in this hotel? It's a bit of a long story, but in short... I was tricked. I got an invitation from someone claiming to own this hotel. They said they had a precious collection of ghosts, gathered from all over the world! No self-respecting ghost researcher would pass up on such an appealing offer, obviously! I accepted their invitation, but when I arrived... The invitation was only a ruse! They captured me and took my precious ghost collection! Uuugh! That includes all those ghosts you'd worked so hard to catch for me before! Even King Boo! Losing him really got under my skin! He's my favorite... What? They've released King Boo?! Ugh! That hotel owner! What has she done?! Luigi! You're our only hope! Against all odds, without any hesitation, and at any cost...get my ghost collection back! And speaking of ghost collections, why don't you give me all of the ghosts you've captured so far! All right! Keep on catching those ghosts. Oh, and be sure to come back to the lab! I'll set up the gallery so that you can view the ghosts that you've captured! Hm? What's with that look, Luigi? Am I forgetting something important? Oh. Oh! That's right! I forgot about saving your friends and family. Completely and totally forgot. Regardless! To find ghosts and your friends, you'll need to explore this hotel! To help you out, I'll give you one of my greatest inventions yet! I call it...the Virtual Boo! VB for short! It's a state-of-the-art virtual-reality device fitted with a fancy red screen! Really cutting-edge stuff! And red is all the rage, you know? Just wait until I finish the marketing materials on this! It'll fly off the shelves! Heh heh heh! You can use the VB to communicate with me at any time. Hey, maybe we can test out the communications system later... Press Plus Button to look into the VB. It'll display your current objective for you too. It's quite useful! Oh, and I have one more thing to give you. The very first thing you need to do is install this elevator tracker inside the elevator for me, OK? As for what it is... I'll tell you later! Go on and get it installed! Head for the elevator! I'm counting on you, Luigi!"[1]
  • "Hey, it looks like you're stumbled across a Boo already! That's a sign that indicates there's a Boo nearby! Let me explain in more detail. Where are those note cards... You see, Gooigi's body is made of a material I've dubbed "Goo." Goo reacts to the frequency emitted by Boos. So if there's a Boo hiding nearby...the Goo will vibrate to indicate this! The closer you get to a Boo's location, the stronger the vibration will be. You'll definitely be able to tell when you're really close! Did that all make sense, Luigi? A strong vibration means a Boo is nearby! OK! Get out there and catch a lot of Boos! I'll start thinking about the best way to organize them..."
  • "Luigi, Boos are good at playing hide-and-seek! Shine some Dark-Light on the area to try to uncover them!"
  • "Hey, Luigi! If you find yourself needing to return to the lab quickly, I've got the perfect solution for you! I've streamlined a transfer system just for you! All you have to do is access the VB and select Lab, and we'll be face-to-face in an instant. The system goes both ways too! When you're ready to get back to your adventures, the system will return you to the same place you left! And that's all! Keep the transfer system in mind while you're out there exploring!"
  • "Sorry, I don't have any new information for you. Keep exploring the hotel! Do you need anything else, Luigi?"
  • "So you were also invited to this hotel, Luigi? Was it a pleasant letter that made the place sound so amazing that you absolutely had to come? They also wrote to me about having a fantastic collection of ghosts I could get my hands on, so I came here as soon as I was able! Obviously it was all a ruse to trap me... Did you want to speak to me? Or would you like to check out the log?"
  • "Stop fooling around, Luigi! Go to my room and get my briefcase! If you get turned around, you can always check the map using the VB..." (if Luigi takes too long to find the briefcase)
  • "Don't waste your time searching every room and looking in every little nook and cranny, Luigi! Certain ghosts leave traces behind in areas they've passed through. Use Dark-Light with X Button, and check the walls and doors for clues!"
  • "Heh heh heh! It seems that you've also acquired a new elevator button, along with my briefcase! Well done, Luigi. Come on back to the lab!"
  • "Luigi, what are you doing? Hurry up and come back to the lab!"
  • "Luigi, it looks like you're able to get to 3F now! But before you head there, bring my briefcase back to the lab! I need it!"
  • "Welcome back, Luigi! My briefcase, chop-chop! Heh heh heh! This is what I wanted! The time has come to use it in battle! The latest invention from the brilliant mind of Professor E. Gadd! I give you... Gooigi! The development process was a real challenge, to say the least. Fortunately, I had a little help from someone to test the prototype! Hm? How is this going to help? Now, now. Take it easy. Here, Luigi! I'm going to attach this to the Poltergust G-00. Turn around for me, would you? OK! It's all set up! Luigi, let's practice a bit. Follow me outside! Heh heh heh! I've caught you in my trap, Luigi! Oh, don't worry! I'm just kidding! But I am going to need you to stay locked up. Why, you ask? Because I want you to use Gooigi to try to escape from your cell! You can activate Gooigi with Right Stick Button. To recall him to his tank, press Right Stick Button twice. Ta-da! Behold! This is your very own personal assistant, Gooigi! Gooigi can slip through tight spaces, like grates or vents. His body is incredibly soft and malleable. It's really quite amazing! Go out! See for yourself! There you go! He moves in basically the same ways you do, so controlling him shouldn't take much getting used to. Oh, and that reminds me! Pressing Right Stick Button once Gooigi is active will let you switch between him and yourself. Remember that! Heh heh heh! Gooigi isn't even remotely waterproof, Luigi! If he gets wet at all, he'll melt and disappear! Be careful with him around anything wet. Heh heh heh! Well done, Luigi! I feel like I can let you run loose with Gooigi! All right! We're done with your training, at least for now. Let's go back to the lab. Nice work, Luigi! Very impressive, I must say! That reminds me of something I wanted to tell you. I've been running the sensors in the lab, and they've detected the presence of a mysterious building. In fact, the ominous-looking tower is very close to this very hotel! Luigi, I know you really want to find all of your missing friends, but if you want a break from that, you could head over to the tower! It's probably crawling with ghosts that you can catch. Go on and test your skills there! For science! I've made arrangements so that you can access the tower from the lab. Just select ScareScraper in Multiplayer. Have fun! Oh! Wait! I just remembered something else! You can check out ScreamPark if you're feeling a little bit lonely and want to have some fun. Up to eight people can play and compete with one another! Fun! Heh heh heh! ...Oh right, you can get to a new floor now! Head to the elevator and take it to 3F!"
  • "Luigi! The elevator can take you directly to Lobby 2F! You might as well head that way and check it out, I say."
  • "Oh, Luigi! You're finally back, eh? You shouldn't keep an old man waiting, y'know. Professor E. Gadd's Shopping Network is now open for business right here in the lab! Ta-daaaa! I've stocked some rather useful items. They're all yours...for a modest fee! Heh heh heh!"
  • "By the way, Luigi, here's a fun bit of trivia for you: every time you go through a door, all of your progress up to that point is saved. Automatically! But it might not be if you move too quickly from door to door to door to door to...You get the idea. I'd say waiting...10 seconds should be enough! You know what they say: patience is a virtue! Keep up the good work!"
  • "Luigi, did you see that? That security guard had an elevator button! It looks like he went into the security office. Follow him! Go!"
  • "Press Y Button to fire the Suction Shot, and take away his shield!"
  • "Let's go, boy! What did we see during your last training? Press Right Stick Button while sucking, what does it tell you? That would allow you to switch between Gooigi and you. If one of you was sucking something, you will continue to do it! So you could suck, even blow, all the duets at the same time!"
  • "Luigi, look! That must be the megaphone! Looks like it's trapped in some spiderwebs! Those must be hearty webs..."
  • "Luigi? Are you leaving your friends behind? Wow. I mean...I didn't expect that. That's cold..."
  • "Luigi, don't forget about the elevator button!"
  • "I'm detecting an unusual presence behind the door! Luigi! Are you ready to keep going? All right, then! I've got no more advice to give you. I wish you the best, Luigi. Be careful and... Huh? Whoa! Oh no! Nooooooo!"


  • "Woooof? (Comfortable with what you learned?)"
  • "Woof? (Time to rest?)"


  • "Welcome, guests, to The Last Resort! Are you ready to check in?"
  • (If "No" is chosen) "Not a problem at all. Make yourself comfortable. Please come see me when you're ready."


All Toad voices are reused from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

  • "Yahoo! Whoops!"
  • "Hhhhrrrrgggg! Princess Peach definitely didn't forget to pack anything... Ah, Luigi! What's up? Ahhhhh! Oh no!"
  • "My head's stuck! I can't get out!"
  • "I'm the winner!"