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This is a list of quotes from the Super Mario Bros. film. They are listed by character.

Mario Mario[edit]

  • "Mario Brother's plumbing. No leak too small."
  • Luigi: "I'm gonna kill'em!"
    Mario: "No, you're not gonna kill'em. Not if I get there first. I'm gonna break every bone in their bodies and then I'm gonna kill'em."
  • "How're we gonna get into Koopa's Tower? I've got two words for you -- im-possible."
  • Luigi: "Mario, did you see that? It's trying to communicate."
    Mario: "Luigi, it's a mushroom."
  • "WHAT!? You're gonna arrest a guy for being a plumber!?"
  • "And he is... outta here!"
  • "See ya later, alligator!"
  • "Luigi, stop, you'll be talkin' to the mildew in the shower next!"”let’s hit the bricks”

Luigi Mario[edit]

  • "Right now, on Miraculous World, this guy just found out he was in another dimension."
  • Luigi: "Well ya know, we got a van."
    Daisy: "It's nice!"
    Luigi: "Yeah, well. --, no -- I'm asking you if you would want a ride? Oh, but, ah, it's broken now..."
  • "Your name's Daisy isn't it? I overheard your name was Daisy -- You know, I haven't heard that name around here, it's really nice, too -- Well, I have heard it, 'cause it's the flower and everything. But not like I hang around flower shops or nothin' like that."
  • "It's a pleasure to meet me! I mean, it's a pleasure to meet you."
  • Luigi: "Do you eat?"
    Daisy: "Yeah..."
    Luigi: "Dinner?"
    Daisy: "Sure..."
    Luigi: "Tonight?"
    Daisy: "Oh... okay!"
  • "Mario, I got a feelin'. I got a feelin' we ain't in Brooklyn no more."
  • "You didn't save us, that tunnel just sneezed us out and that giant booger just caught us mid-air. That's what saved us."
  • "WHERE'S Daisy, butt-breath!?"
  • "Not until you give us Daisy, biscuit-head!"
  • "Who cares, anyway? Just give me my tool belt!"
  • "Nothing's impossible, Mario. Improbable, unlikely, but never impossible."
  • "Trust the fungus."


  • "I'm the boss here."
  • "Thank God you're here! I mean, you're a plumber, right?"
  • "Luigi, help me!"
  • "Where's my father?"
  • "Uh, I'm a vegetarian. I don't eat anything with a face."
  • "I hope he's alright."
  • "The rock will merge our two dimensions!"
  • "Only I can stop it."
  • "Yoshi... I guess we're both prisoners here, huh?"
  • "Listen! I know this is going to sound a little strange, but... I want you to meet my father."
  • "He used to be the leader here until... Koopa turned him into... all this fungus."
  • Daisy: "Oh, how's Daniella? Is she alright?"
    Mario: "Daniella, that's right! I promised to take her to Wrestlemania."
  • Daisy: "Mario! Luigi! We need your help. You're not gonna believe this..."
    Mario: "Oh, I believe it!"

King Koopa[edit]

  • "Perhaps if I could just make you idiots smarter, you won't screw-up this time."
  • "Here's what's logical to me... if you do not return with the plumbers and the rock... I shall personally kill you."
  • "After the merge, it will be nice to see the humans de-evolve, won't it? What is it they come from? I keep forgetting, its, uh, mice or something...
  • "Disgusting mammals."'
  • "Well, my, my, looks like you got up on the wrong side of the nest this morning."
  • "That I am, ruler of all you see. A few miserable streets and endless desert."
  • "My, my, you have let yourself go! See, I'm not such a bad guy, you always wanted to be everywhere, well now you are. And I wanna tell you something, you can go ahead and choke this little Mushroom Kingdom all you want, cuz', I'm out of here. I'm out into the bigger world! I gotta a couple a plumbers bringin' me the rest of the meteorite. Soon to be dead plumbers. And by the way, you really oughta pull yourself back together again... slime bucket!"
  • "BOB-OMB!"
  • "Monkey!"
  • "King Koopa here. I'd like the Koopa Special. Yes, dino, lizard, hold the mammal, no worms and, uh, spicy."
  • "STUPID!"
  • "Princess! Ready to help me destroy the human kinds? Muster the Goombas! Hand out the De-Evolution Guns! Prepare for destiny! Where's my pizza?"
  • "I need you to find Daisy and give me her rock. Then I can rule both worlds!"
  • "Good lord, what was I thinking?"
  • "I shall personally de-evolve you for singing Anti-Koopa songs."
  • "Plumbers? Plumber alert."'
  • WHAT?! NOOOOO!!!


  • "Ain't got no water anywhere...Food's bad, so's the air...Got no resources, in a great big stupor...All because of the evil King Koopa!" - Toad's Anti-Koopa Song.
  • (after his song) "What a lousy kingdom ever since Koopa took over. And YOU, Koopa! You're a lousy leader!...Our old king! You tried to get rid of him, but the king is everywhere, including the museum and tunnel. You can't get rid of him."
  • "Could you please tell me your name?" - Toad when he meets Mario & Luigi in their cell.
  • "Koopa! You're a lousy leader!"
  • "Never!" - Toad's response before Koopa de-evolves him.
  • "Uh...A Goomba ate it. And I am NOT the princess!" - Toad's answer after Koopa asks where his pizza is.