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This is a list of quotes from the game Mario Party 5. They are listed by character, alphabetically.


  • "Happy times indeed! It's time for a Bowser Mini-game!"
  • "Huh? What just happened? So many losers, but no one lost?! Hmmm..."
  • "Not much I can do. It's OK...this time!"
  • "Wha ha ha! There are five turns left, so let's make them interesting."
  • "(1st place character's name/team name) is in first."
  • "(2nd place character's name/team name) is in second."
  • "(3rd place character's name) sits in third."
  • "(4th place character's name) is dead last."
  • "Huh!? What in the... At this rate, (1st place character's name/team name) is gonna beat all of you!"
  • "If it's that easy, this ain't a Mario Party!"
  • "So, (4th place character's name)... I'm gonna give you a chance to turn things around!"
  • "Muster up some strength and spin the roulette wheel, you last-place loser!"
  • "All right! From now on, (event that will take place)!"
  • "That way, no one can guess what the results will be! Bwah ha ha!!"
  • "Donkey Kong ruined this! I'll leave quietly, but I'm not leaving without the coins!"
  • "Bwah ha ha! It's me, Bowser!"
  • "I wonder if my Koopa Kids are doing OK..."
    • When there is only 1 left: "WHAT?! There's only one left? I should help him out... by doing something evil!"
    • When there are 2 or 3 left: "Well, well, well... My Koopa Kids are doing what they do best!"


  • "Welcome to Party Mode!"
  • "Welcome to the (board name)! (board description)"
  • "First, let's decide the order of play."
  • "The order is set! (turn order goes here)"
  • "Let's see... I'll give everyone 10 coins to start with!"
  • "Let me show you where the first star is located."
  • "Here's the star! Each star will cost you 20 coins."
  • "All right, let's get going!"
  • "You've done well to make it this far, (character)!"
  • "Do you want to trade coins for a star?"
  • "OK... This star is yours!"
  • "The next star you'll shoot for is right here!"
  • "Good luck, players!"
  • "It's time for a Battle game!"
  • "Let's see how many coins it will cost to play!"
  • "OK! (number) coins have been collected!"
  • "Now let's decide which mini-game!"
  • "OK! Let's start the battle game!"
  • "How awful! So, now, (description), thanks to Bowser's tinkering!"
  • "Also, if two players land on the same space, there will be a duel!"
  • "This looks bad, but you've got to fight to the very end!"
  • "Hmm hmm... Nice work! Now let's see just how nice!"
  • "First, let's take a look at the number of stars everyone has."
  • "The star count looks like this."
  • "Next, we'll see how many coins you all managed to collect."
  • "I've tallied the coins, and it looks like this..."
  • "And's time for the bonuses!"
  • "For each bonus you win, you'll get 1 star!"
  • "First is the Mini-Game Star."
  • "Next is the Coin Star."
  • "The last bonus goes to the Happening Star!"
  • "This one goes to the player who (description)."
  • "This game's (bonus star) is..."
  • "(character name)!"
  • "Oh, my! It looks like this time there are two Mini-Game Stars!"
  • "Oh, lookie here! This time, there are two Coin Stars!"
  • "Amazing! This time, there are two Happening Stars!"
  • "They are (character 1) and (character 2)!"
  • "Good gracious! This time there are three Mini-Game Stars!"
  • "Wow! This time, there are three Coin Stars."
  • "Goodness! This time there are three Happening Stars!"
  • "They're (character 1), (character 2), and (character 3)!"
  • "What?! Nobody won any mini-games!"
    • "But that means nobody gets the bonus."
  • "Unbelievable! Nobody collected any coins at all!"
    • "Which means no one gets a bonus."
  • "Huh?! Nobody landed on a ? space!"
    • "Which means nobody gets the bonus."
  • "Whoa! Nobody won any mini-games!"
  • "What's this? Nobody got any coins?"
  • "What's this?! Nobody landed on any ? spaces!"
  • "And finally, we've come to the overall results!"
  • "This game's winner is..."
  • "Hmm... Now this is really rare..."
    • "We've got players with the same number of stars AND coins!"
  • "Whoa! This is strange..."
    • "Both teams have the same number of coins AND stars!"
  • "When this happens, we must let the dice decide!"
  • "The player with the highest number wins. Good luck!"
  • "(character name) wins!"
  • "(character 1) and (character 2)'s team wins!"
  • "OK, now let's try this again... The final results are in!"
  • "The winner is... (character name)!"




  • "Have fun, OK?"
  • "Welcome to Card Party!"
  • "Let's see who goes first."
  • "I'll tell you all about the Card Party, OK?"
  • "In this Card Party, you turn cards over as you move across the board."
  • "But first, decide which order players take their turns in."
  • "Each player picks a card to decide the order."
  • "And then you select the location of your start space."
  • "Oh! A start space can be placed anywhere as long as it's next to a path card."
  • "As soon as the start spaces are set, the game can begin!"
  • "So, you'll roll the die when it's your turn..."
  • "And the number that comes up shows how many spaces you can move."
  • "There are dots on the pathway, and each dot equals one space."
  • "There's more! Turn over some cards to make special events happen!"
  • "If you turn over a path card, a pathway will appear."
  • "If you get an item card, a very useful item will appear."
  • "To use an item, press B and select it from the list, OK?"
  • "If you get an event card, some zany events could start!"
  • "In some cases, a win could become a loss, so watch closely!"
  • "This is a Bowser card. You've gotta do what you can to stay away from him!"
  • "But if you do get one, Bowser will appear..."
  • "and a terrible event will begin!""
  • " could also be just the thing you need to take the lead! Choose wisely, OK?"
  • "And this is the wonderful star card! It's the whole purpose of the game!"
  • "Star cards earn you bonus points later."
  • "Whoever finishes with the most star cards and the highest score wins!"
  • "Well...I think that's all I've got to say about the Card Party."
  • "Good luck, everyone!""
  • "Be careful, everyone! Try your hardest to stay away from the Bowser card!"
  • "And... we're ready to start!"
  • "Let's start the Card Party!"
  • "Now, let's get back to the Card Party excitement!"
  • "Ice Hockey is a Mini-Game competition."
  • "Teams of three, including the goalie, bump and crash all over the rink!"
  • "To win, just score as often as you can within the time limit!"
  • "The team that scores the most goals within the time limit wins!"
  • "Oh! The goalie will play according to your strategy."
  • "Are you more offensive or defensive? You decide!"


Minigame Announcer[edit]

  • "Start!"
  • "Finish!"
  • "New Record!"
  • "Draw!"

The Japanese versions of Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7 use this announcer.

Multiple Characters[edit]

  • "Good choice!"


  • "Ha ha ha! I got it!"
  • "Yeah!" (Getting an item)
  • "Yeah, I'm the winner!"
  • "Oh, I lost!"
  • "Oh, no!" (Also in Mario Party 9)
  • "I'm here to help (character's name)!"
  • "Somehow, my dream became true, too... It must be because I was helping (character's name)."


  • "Good choice!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Yay!"
  • "Mamma-mia!"
  • "Yeah, Peach is the winner!"
  • "Aww, I missed!"
  • "Oh!"
  • "Oh! (chuckles) I got it!"