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This is a list of quotes from the game Mario Party 5, listed alphabetically by character.


  • "I'll steal... Just tell me where to go!"
  • "Tell me, roulette wheel, whose star card to steal!"
  • "Boo hoo for you-hoo... I got your star card!"
  • "Call me when you want to take an item from another player."
  • "Oh, too bad... You don't get a star card."
  • "Don't be disappointed. Call me again!"
  • "Oh? Looks like no one has a star card!"
  • "You didn't call me? I must be mistaken!"


Story Mode[edit]

Opening cutscene[edit]

  • "Gwah ha ha!"
  • "So this is Dream Depot...a world created from everybody's dreams..."
  • "We'll destroy their good dreams and replace them with ours!"
  • "And when we finish, our dreams will come true...forever!"
  • "There's no time to waste! Let's go before someone comes!"
  • "That's what I like to hear!"
  • "I guess it's good time to show off how well I trained you!"
  • "If you're ready... Go do what you do best!"
  • "SHHHHHHHHHHHH! That's too loud!"


  • "Bwah ha ha! I'll ruin this (board 1) by filling it with my own dreams!"
  • "Garrrrgh! It's you again...(character)... Are you trying to stop us?"
  • "You can try to stop me, but... I'm not alone this time! Bwah ha ha! Bwah ha ha!"
  • "Let me introduce you to my powerful Koopa Kids!"
  • "It's about time you met... all of them!"
  • "Bwha ha ha! That look on your face is perfectly horrible!"
  • "Do you think you can beat my underlings? Bwha ha ha!"
  • "Bwah ha ha! I'll ruin the (board 2) and fill it with my dreams."
  • "(character)! Again?! Just try to stop me this time!"
  • "Do you think you can stop me? No matter! I've got help!"
  • "Meet the powerful Koopa Kids!"
  • "Say hello to..."
  • "So here we are!"
  • "Can you defeat my underlings two times in a row? Bwah ha ha!"
  • "Oh yeah! I'll ruin the (board 3) and fill it with my dreams!"
  • "Not again! It's (character)!"
  • "So we meet again... But I won't battle you!"
  • "I'll let the Koopa Kids team I've put together do it!"
  • "Show 'em what we do!"
  • "Bwah ha ha! So, (character), notice the subtle diffirences?"
  • "My underlings are very capable when they want to be! Bwah ha ha!"
  • "It's time! I'll ruin (board 4) and fill it with my own dreams!"
  • "So, (character), you're back again! But this is it!"
  • "Yes! It's time... but I won't battle you!"
  • "Check out my Koopa Kids!"
  • "Show this weakling what you do!"
  • "Bwah ha ha! (character), do you need to see that again in slow motion?"
  • "My underlings are powerful! Bwah ha ha!"
  • "Here we are... This is my dream!" (Bowser Nightmare)
  • "It's (character)! Why don't you get out of here!"
  • "I'm warning you...get out of here!"
  • "You really are the pest!"
  • "Sorry, but you've got to go! Koopa Kids, go to it!"
  • "Let's see it!"
  • "Bwah ha ha! That was unexpected! Bwah ha ha!"
  • "But my underlings are tough! Bwah ha ha!"
  • "Red K. Kid, Green K. Kid, and Blue K. Kid, take care of this pest!"

Bowser Space[edit]

  • "Bwah ha! It's Bowser's turn!" (if the player lands on this space)
  • "I won't waste any time... I'll take half of your coins!"
  • "That's not fair? You're right! Now just play harder! Bwah ha ha!"
  • "Hey, you came! You came! The Koopa Kids!" (if the Koopa Kids land on this space)
  • "Quick, here are some coins!"
  • "Ah, ha, ha! Now there's no excuse for losing!"

VS Space[edit]

  • "Bwah ha ha! That's really too bad!"
  • "Now hand over 5/10/20 coins to each of the winning Koopa Kids! In total, fork over 15/20 coins!"
  • "How does it feel to lose, loser?"

? Space[edit]

  • "Oh! A flamethrower? If it hits you, I'll take half your coins!"
  • "The more coins I get, the happier I am! Come back soon!"

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • "Bwah ha ha! It's me, Bowser!"
  • "I wonder if my Koopa Kids are doing OK..."
  • "(character) Coins: (number 1). Red K. Kid Coins: (number 2). Blue K. Kid Coins: (number 3). Green K. Kid Coins: (number 4)."
    • "WHAT?! There's only one left? I should help him out... by doing something evil!" (if there is only 1 Koopa Kid left)
    • "Well, well, well... My Koopa Kids are doing what they do best!" (if there are 2 or 3 Koopa Kids left)
  • "(character), you're doing well... too well! So, I say the duels are now worth double the coins!"
  • "That should give those Koopa Kids a chance at winning. Bwah ha ha!"


  • "Don't worry! This world grants wishes to those who wish..."
  • "So you see, (character), there's still plenty of time for us and our evil plan!"
  • "So, (character), I'd bet you're dying to know what my dream is!"
  • "Silence!"
  • "If you win the next one, weakling, I just might tell you! Bwah ha ha!"
  • "Bwah ha ha!"
  • "Never mind! We still have a chance to fulfill our mission!"
  • "So, it's not over yet, (character)!"
  • "Should I tell you about my dream?"
  • "Hush!"
  • "If you win the next one, I just might tell you! Bwah ha ha!"
  • "You lost again?! I thought this was the place where wishes were granted!"
  • "By the way, what was your wish?"
  • "That was your wish?!"
  • "Bwah ha ha! There's no problem then!"
  • "Bwah ha ha!"
  • "Anyway, I know that you really want to hear my wish, weakling!"
  • "You'd be surprised if you knew! Bwah ha ha!"
  • "You can stop us!"
  • "And you're really weak!"
  • "But that's OK! Bwah ha ha!"
  • "You'd understand what I mean if you knew my wish!"
  • "I'll give you a hint!"
  • "Listen up, (character)!"
  • "It has something to do with... you, (character)!"
  • "Bye-bye, (character)!"
  • "Don't worry! You did great!"
  • "Bwah ha ha! Looks like my dream's coming true!"
  • "That's right, weakling!"
  • "Hey, (character)! This really is the last one. Let's go!"
  • "Are you scared, (character)?"
  • "Well then...we're waiting!"
  • "Bwah ha ha! You're such a weakling, weakling!"
  • "What did you expect? After all...I am Bowser!"
  • "This game is over!"
  • "Bwah ha ha!"
  • "If you won't join us, then there's no use for you!"
  • "And we'll take your coins!"
  • "And that was my dream!"

Party Mode[edit]

Bowser Capsule[edit]

  • "Bwah ha ha! Don't look so sad! It's only one more Bowser space!"
  • "Bwah ha ha! Where should I put the new Bowser space..."
  • "We'll meet again! Bwah ha ha!"

Bowser Space[edit]

  • "Bwah ha ha! It's my turn! This next event..."
  • "RAAARGH! You're in luck! That's the Bowser Bonus!"
  • "I'll give you a Ztar star because you're so lucky!"
  • "YEEARGH! Happy times, indeed! It's the Bowser Mini-Game!"
  • "It looks like the loser this time must... give up half of his or her coins/forfeit all coins/hand over all capsules!"
  • "OK, let's start the mini-game roulette!"
  • "That means all losers must... give up half of his or her coins/forfeit all coins/hand over all capsules!"
  • "Huh? What just happened? So many losers, but no one lost?! Hmmm... Not much I can do. It's OK...this time!"
  • "GRRAAAGH! This is super! It's a Bowser Revolution!"
  • "I'll take all of your coins and redistribute them as I see fit! Let's do it, the Bowser Revolution!"
  • "BLARRRGH! It's a miracle! It's the Bowser Shuffle!"
  • "You losers must change places with each other! NOW! It's the Bowser Shuffle!"
  • "What? There are no coins to take? All right, I'll give you this!"
  • "We'll meet again! Bwah ha ha!"
  • "Do... Donk... Donkey Kong!" (if Donkey Kong appears)
  • "Donkey Kong ruined this! I'll leave quietly, but I'm not leaving without the coins!"

? Space[edit]

  • "Hahaha! It's time for a walk!"
  • "Yeah! How refreshing! I love going for walks!"
  • "I'm surprised you came! It's Bowser's Tower of Chance!"
  • "Lovely events await in each box!"
  • "Select one!"
  • "Lucky you! Come again!"
  • "I'm going to burn all of the capsules!"
  • "Now go get me some more capsules!"
  • "Oh? A flamethrower! If it hits you, I'll take half your coins!"
  • "The more coins I get, the happier I am! Come back soon!"
  • "Bwah ha ha! I call this the Spin Stage!"
  • "Good luck gettin' out!"
  • "You got lucky! But you'll be back!"

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • "Wha ha ha! There are five turns left, so let's make them interesting."
  • "(character 1)/(team 1) is in first. (character 2)/(team 2) is in second. (character 3) sits in third. (character 4) is dead last."
  • "Huh!? What in the... At this rate, (character 1)/(team 1) is gonna beat all of you!"
  • "If it's that easy, this ain't a Mario Party!"
  • "So, (character 4)... I'm gonna give you a chance to turn things around!"
  • "Muster up some strength and spin the roulette wheel, you last-place loser!"
  • "All right! From now on, all spaces' coins are tripled/red spaces are Bowser spaces/all spaces have capsule events/there are five star spaces!"
  • "That way, no one can guess what the results will be! Bwah ha ha!!"

Mini-Game Circuit[edit]

  • "Bwah ha ha! Here I am!"
  • "I've got a mini-game for you all! And you all get to play!"
  • "All loser will move back... when I say so!"
  • "Start the roulette wheel!"
  • "WHAT?! No one lost?! There's no loser?! I guess I'll let it go this time."
  • "We'll meet again, I'm sure! Bwah ha ha!"

Card Party[edit]

  • "Bwah ha ha!"
  • "Introducing... Bowser!"
  • "I've got some rotten gifts, and I'm felling generous!"
  • "Here's my present for you!"
    • "You all get to S-T-A-R-T from the beginning! Bwah ha ha!" (Bowser Breath)
    • "I'm going to take everyone's items and distribute them evenly to all players!" (Item Shuffle)
    • "Well, well! I'll even give one of you a star!" (Star Present)
  • "Aren't you happy, (character)? Use this one wisely!"
  • "Bwah ha ha! We'll meet again, I'm sure!"



  • "Gwah ha ha! Nice work, (character)!"
  • "But the last battle still awaits you!"
  • "What will you do?"
  • "Good, good. I've been waiting for this, (character)."
  • "At last! The final battle is here!"


  • "Bwah ha ha!"
  • "Welcome to my most terrible stage of terror ever!"
  • "First, let's see how you deal with these!"
  • "Is there more? Bwah ha ha!"
  • "If that wasn't hot enough for you... Here, take this!"
  • "Graaagghhh! That's it! Let's see how you do against me!"
  • "I'll pound you into this crumbling floor, you weakling!"
  • "Drat! You've made it this far!"
  • "I guess the only thing I've got now is this... So long, runt!"
  • "Huh?!"
  • "Aaaaaarrrrrrrrggggghh!"
  • "What are you waiting for? I'm helpless!"


  • "WHAT?! I lost..."
  • "But with this, a dream has come true!"
  • "As a gift, I'll tell you what my dream was!"
  • "That is... I wished for a strong opponent!"
  • "In other words, my dream has come true!"
  • "I lost the battle, but I still won!"
  • "I tend to think positively!"
  • "Later, (character). We'll meet again!"

Capsule machine[edit]

  • "OK! I'll give you a capsule. I wonder what it will be? Here it comes!"
  • "Gasp! It's a Bowser Capsule!"
  • "Now your capsule capacity is full! Use some of the ones you have, or you can't get any new ones!"

Chain Chomp[edit]

  • "Chomp chomp chomp! (I'm gonna steal coins or a star for you!)"
  • "What shall I steal for you?"
    • "Who shall I steal from?"
  • "Chomp chomp chomp! (I stole (number) coin(s)/a star.)"
  • "Chomp chomp chomp. (Sorry. A bone distracted me.)" (Bone Capsule)
  • "Chomp chomp chomp! (Call me back anytime!)"
  • "Chomp chomp chomp! (Cheapskate!)" (Nothing)
  • "Chomp chomp chomp! (What?! Nobody has any coins or stars?)"

Cheep Cheep[edit]

  • "Choose one of the three shells to get a capsule."


  • "Good choice!"
  • "Yay!"
  • "Aw…"
  • "Yahoo!"
  • "Yeah, Daisy's the winner!"
  • "Yay! I got it!"
  • "Wow!"
  • "Aw, I lost!"


Tutorial Board[edit]

  • "I'd like to explain the rules of the board."
  • "The very first thing you do is determine the order of play by hitting a dice block."
  • "The order is set! First is Mario. Second is Peach. Third is Yoshi. And Wario is fourth."
  • "The order of play is based on the number each player rolls, with the highest number going first."
  • "Then...the game begins."
  • "Each player hits a dice block then moves the number of spaces on the dice block."
  • "In this example, Mario would move forward one space."
  • "Next, I'll tell you about the diffirent spaces."
  • "This is a plus space. If you land here, you earn three coins."
  • "This is a minus space. If you land here, you lose three coins."
  • "This is a happening space. If you land here, some very surprising events take place."
  • "The type of event changes with each board, and they're all certain to change the game!"
  • "This is a Bowser space. If you land here, Bowser will appear... and start an event guaranteed to wreak havoc! Avoid these spaces if possible!"
  • "Once each player has moved, the turn is complete. And after each turn, there's a mini-game."
  • "This is a DK space. If you land here, Donkey Kong will appear, starting a great event."
  • "The DK space moves after each turn is complete, so watch closely. Try your best to use the DK space!"
  • "How incredible lucky! It's a hidden block!"
  • "There were coins inside the hidden block."
  • "Now, let me explain how the capsule system works."
  • "Capsules are items that trigger various events depending on which capsule you use."
  • "You can place them on spaces around the board and even use some of them on yourself!"
  • "But...if you want to use a capsule on yourself, it'll cost you some coins."
  • "As you can see, when you use a capsule on yourself, the effect happens on that turn."
  • "Now I'll tell you about placing a capsule on a space."
  • "First, you won't need any coins to place a capsule on the board."
  • "You can place a capsule up to ten spaces ahead of your character."
  • "If anyone lands on a space that has had a capsule placed on it, an event takes place."
  • "If you place a capsule and happen to land on that space, the event will happen to you, so be careful!"
  • "This is a capsule machine. It dispenses capsules...for free!"
  • "In all, there are four types of capsules: Move Event... Coin Event... Capsule Event... and Special Event.
  • "Try to learn when to use which one on which board map and in which conditions!"
  • "Now I'll move on to mini-games."
  • "As I said, at the end of each turn there's a mini-game."
  • "These four panels are called Player Panel."
  • "They turn to either blue or red, depending on whether the players land on blue or red spaces."
  • "If players land on green spaces, the panel randomly turn either blue or red."
  • "That said, if everyone lands on spaces of the same color... a 4-player mini-game is played."
  • "If players land on some red and some blue spaces... teams will be formed based on who's standing on which color."
  • "For example, if two players land on blue spaces and two players land on red spaces... a 2-on-2 mini-game is played."
  • "But if one player land on a blue space and three players land on red spaces... or if three players land on blue spaces and one player land on a red space... a 1-on-3 mini-game is played."
  • "The type of mini-game is chosen once team are set."
  • "The actual mini-game you'll play is decided with a roulette wheel."
  • "Oh yeah! There are other mini-games, like the Battle Mini-Games in which players pay coins to battle."
  • "And the Duel Mini-Games in which player battle one-on-one!"
  • "The key to the mini-games is to collect as many coins as you can! Good luck!"
  • "And lastly, the star spaces! On each star space, a star awaits the first player to get there... with at least 20 coins! Get there with at least 20 coins, and the star's yours."
  • "So that's how the game is played. When you have gone through the set number of turns, it's over."
  • "If you're playing with the Bonuses turned on, those awards will be announced at the end."
  • "Stars could be awarded based on each Bonus!"
  • "There are three types of bonuses. I'll go over all of them one by one!"
  • "First is the Mini-Game Star. This award goes to the player who earned the most coins in the mini-games."
  • "Second is the Coin Star. This award goes to the player who collected the most coins in the game."
  • "Third is the Happening Star. This award goes to the player who stopped on the most ? spaces in the game."
  • "At the very end of it all, the player with most stars wins the game!"
  • "Well, that's it for the game board explanation."
  • "Take what you have learned and become the champion!"
  • "As for me, I'm gone!"

Party Mode[edit]


  • "Welcome to Party Mode!"
  • "My name's Eldstar, and I'll be your guide."
  • "I see that you've got data from a previous game."
  • "Continue that game?"
  • "If you save, your previous data will be overwritten."
  • "To keep the previous data, do not save this game."
  • "Do you want to hear the rules?"
  • "OK! We'd better get that game settings squared away."
  • "It's free-for-all madness!" (Battle Royal)
  • "It's cooperative chaos!" (Team Battle)
  • "How many players?"
  • "OK! Now let's take care of the characters."
  • "Select a character for the CPU."
  • "Select the teams."
  • "Set this character's skill level."
  • "OK! It's the (team 1) team vs. the (team 2) team!"
  • "Is this OK?"
  • "A board inspired by dreams of toys." (Toy Dream)
  • "A board created from dreams of the sky." (Rainbow Dream)
  • "A board born of dreams about treasure hunting." (Pirate Dream)
  • "A board inspired by dreams of the Tropics." (Undersea Dream)
  • A board created from dreams about the future." (Future Dream)
  • "A board inspired by dreams of candy." (Sweet Dream)
  • "A board born of Bowser's dreams." (Bowser Nightmare)
  • "After (number) turns, it's over!"
  • "Play all available Mini-Games." (All Mini-Games)
  • "Hang out bonuses at the end of the game." (Bonus ON)
  • "Set the handicap for (character)/(team 1)/(team 2)."
  • "Are these settings OK?"
  • "OK! You seem to be ready, so let's go!"


  • "Welcome to the (board)!"
    • "This is a board where the dreams of toys come alive! Play with toys and enjoy their dreams until your heart is content!" (Toy Dream)
    • "This is a world where the dreams of skies come alive! Enjoy a bizarre place where buildings float on clouds and rainbows!" (Rainbow Dream)
    • "This is a world inspired by dreams of treasure hunting! Caves full of riches, pirate ships... That’s what awaits you in this swashbuckling stage!" (Pirate Dream)
    • "This is a world inspired by walking along the sea floor! Enjoy yourself as you stroll alongside fish and coral in this dream!" (Undersea Dream)
    • "This is a world where a dream of the galaxy comes alive! Entertain your outer-space curiosity in this dream!" (Future Dream)
    • "This is a world inspired by the dreams of candy! Everything in this world is made of cake and candy! Enjoy that sweet menu!" (Sweet Dream)
    • "This is a world inspired by Bowser's wicked dreams! Big bad Bowser put all kinds of traps and snares around, so be careful!" (Bowser Nightmare)
  • "First, let's decide the order of play."
  • "The order is set! First is (character 1). Second is (character 2). Third is (character 3). And (character 4) is fourth."
  • "Let's see... I'll give everyone 10 coins to start with!"
  • "So, where's Donkey Kong now?"
  • "Found him! This is the DK Space!"
  • "Finally, we'll arrange to have six events in the game! Use them wisely!"

Star Space[edit]

  • "Let me show you where the first star is located."
  • "Here's the star! Each star will cost you 20 coins."
  • "All right, let's get going!"
  • "You've done well to make it this far, (character)!"
  • "Do you want to trade coins for a star?"
    • "OK... This star is yours!" (Yes)
    • "Huh?!?! You say you don't need a star? That's a first!" (No)
  • "Awww...too bad. Looks like you need more coins. Bring 20 coins next time."
  • "That's unfortunate. You can't hold any more stars." (if the player has 999 stars, impossible without hacking)
  • "Oh, wow! Tweester changed the location of the star space."
  • "The next star you'll shoot for is right here!"
  • "Good luck, players!"

Chance Space[edit]

  • "What will happen? Nobody knows! It's Chance Roulette!"
  • "We need to decide who it will happen to!"
  • "First off, who will it be? It's decided! (character 1), it's you!" (Chance Capsule)
  • "Well then, let's decide who else it will happen to."
  • "Finally, we'll decide what will happen! This is what it's all about! Take your best shot!"
  • "The results are in!"
    • "(character 1) gets (character 2)'s coin(s)/star(s)!"
    • "(character 2) gets (character 1)'s coin(s)!"
    • "(character 1) and (character 2) exchange coin(s)/star(s)/star(s) and coin(s)!"
  • "That's all for Chance Roulette."

Miracle Capsule[edit]

  • "This is very rare! You got three Miracle Capsules!"
    • "Watch as all of the stars from (character 1), in first place... are given to (character 2), who is in last place!"
    • "Hold on! (character), you're in first place! I won't give away your stars."

Battle Mini-Game[edit]

  • "It's time for a battle game!"
  • "Let's see how many coins it will cost to play!"
  • "OK! (number) coins have been collected!"
    • "Now let's decide which mini-game!"
    • "HUH? Someone doesn't have enough coins. At any rate, we can still decide on the mini-game!"
  • "OK! Let's start the battle game!"

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • "How awful! So, now, all spaces' coins are tripled/red spaces are Bowser spaces/all spaces have capsule events/there are five star spaces, thanks to Bowser's tinkering!"
  • "Also, if two players land on the same space, there will be a duel!"
  • "This looks bad, but you've got to fight to the very end!"


Battle Royal[edit]
  • "Hmm hmm... Nice work! Now let's see just how nice!"
  • "First, let's take a look at the number of stars everyone has."
  • "The stars} count looks like this."
  • "Next, we'll see how many coins you all managed to collect."
  • "I've tallied the coins, and it looks like this..."
  • "And's time for the bonuses!"
  • "For each bonuses you win, you'll get 1 star!"
  • "First is the Mini-Game Star."
  • "This one goes to the player who collected the most coins in the mini-games."
  • "Next is the Coin Star."
  • "This one goes to the player who collected the most coins."
  • "This game's Mini-Game Star/Coin Star is... (character)!"
  • "Oh, my! It looks like this time there are two Mini-Game Stars!"
  • "Good gracious! This time there are three Mini-Game Stars!"
  • "Oh, lookie here! This time, there are two Coin Stars!"
  • "Wow! This time, there are three Coin Stars."
  • "They are (character 1) and (character 2)!"
  • "They're (character 1), (character 2), and (character 3)!"
  • "What?! Nobody won any mini-games!"
  • "But that means nobody gets the bonus."
  • "Unbelievable! Nobody collected any coins at all!"
  • "What's this? Nobody got any coins?"
  • "Which means no one gets a bonus."
  • "The last bonus goes to the Happening Star!"
  • "This one goes to the player who landed on the most ? spaces!"
  • "The Happening Star in this game is... (character)!"
  • "Amazing! This time, there are two Happening Stars!"
  • "Goodness! This time there are three Happening Stars!"
  • "Huh?! Nobody landed on a ? spaces!"
  • "What's this?! Nobody landed on any ? spaces!"
  • "Which means nobody gets the bonus."
  • "And finally, we've come to the overall results!"
  • "This game's winner is..."
  • "Hmm... Now this is really rare..."
  • "We've got players with the same number of stars AND coins!"
  • "When this happens, we must let the dice decide!"
  • "The player with the highest number wins. Good luck!"
  • "(character) wins!"
  • "OK, now let's try this again... The final results are in!"
  • "The winner is...(character)!"
Team Battle[edit]
  • "Hmm hmm... Nice work! Now let's see just how nice!"
  • "First, let's take a look at the number of stars everyone has."
  • "The stars} count looks like this."
  • "Next, we'll see how many coins you all managed to collect."
  • "I've tallied the coins, and it looks like this..."
  • "Now let's hang out the bonus stars!"
  • "Now we'll give a bonus stars to the winner of each category."
  • "First is the Mini-Game Star!"
  • "This one goes to the team that collected the most coins in the mini-games."
  • "Next is the Coin Star!"
  • "This one goes to the team that collected the most coins."
  • "Well then, this game's Mini-Game Star/Coin Star goes to... (team)!"
  • "Finally, we'll award the Happening Star!"
  • "This award goes to the team that landed on the most ? spaces!"
  • "And this game's Happening Star goes to... (team)!"
  • "And finally, we've come to the overall results!"
  • "This game's winner is... (character 1) and (character 2)'s (team)!"
  • "Whoa! This is strange..."
  • "Both teams have the same number of stars AND coins!"
  • "When this happens, we must let the dice decide!"
  • "The player with the highest number wins. Good luck!"
  • "(character 1) and (character 2)'s (team) wins!"
  • "OK, now let's try this again... The final results are in!"


  • "Hee hee! Are you surprised? OK! Let's go!"
  • "OK! Good luck then!"

Fly Guy[edit]

Story Mode[edit]

  • "It's time for a duel!"
  • "Select an opponent!"
    • "Ummm...if (character) wins, (color) K. Kid will lose 15 coins. But if (character) loses, (character) will lose 5 coins instead. Do your best!" (if the player passes or lands with a Koopa Kid, double in the last 5 turns)
    • "Ummm...if (color) K. Kid wins, (character) will lose 10 coins. But if (color) K. Kid loses, (color) K. Kid will lose 5 coins instead. Do your best!" (if a Koopa Kid passes or lands with the player, double in the last 5 turns)
  • "Ummm...(character)/(color) K. Kid wins, so we'll take (color) K. Kid/(character)'s coins."
  • "Since (character)/(color) K. Kid lost, we'll take (character)/(color) K. Kid's coins."
  • "Since it was a tie, (character)/(color) K. Kid's coins remain the same."
  • "That's the end of the duel!"

Party Mode[edit]

  • "It's time for a duel!"
  • "Select your opponent."
  • "What do you want from your opponent?"
    • "Set the number of coins." (Coins)
    • "What will it cost you?" (Star)
  • "All right! I'll collect (number) coin(s) apiece."
  • "The total comes to (number) coins."
  • "(character) gets (number) coins."
  • "Then I'll collect 50 coins and a star."
  • "I collected a star and 50 coins."
  • "(character) gets 50 coins and a star."
  • "Then I'll collect the stars."
  • "Who will win these stars?"
  • "(character) gets a star."
  • "That's the end of the duel!"

Mini-Game Circuit[edit]

  • "It's time for a duel!"
  • "Select your opponent."
  • "(character 1) will duel with (character 2)!"
  • "If (character 2) loses, then (character 2) goes back the number of spaces on the dice block. Both of you do your best!"
    • "(character 1) won the duel! And so the loser, (character 2), must roll the dice!"
    • "Too bad, (character 1)! Challenge again soon!"
  • "That's the end of the duel!"
  • "Come to think of it, nobody can accept this challenge. That's too bad, huh?!" (if all opponents are on Start Area)


  • "Hey! I'm Goomba! Exchange coins with who?"
  • "Well then...I'll swap (character)'s coins!"
  • "You know me. I'm Goomba! Exchange coins with the other team!"
  • "Huh? Neither of you have any coins. So much for exchanging…"
  • "Exchange complete! Good luck!"


  • "Hiya, out there in gaming land! Welcome to the Options Mode."
  • "I'm happy to be your guide. My name's Kalmar, and... my friends call me that, too!"
  • "What would you like to have a gander at?"
    • "Have a look-see at the contents of the mini-game packs."
    • "Set the rumble feature."
    • "You can set the speaker settings or run sound tests."
    • "Ogle at the records."
  • "Please choose a pack you'd like to have a gander at."
    • "Contain all mini-games." (All Pack)
    • "Contain easy mini-games." (Easy Pack)
    • "Contain action mini-games." (Action Pack)
    • "Contain difficult mini-games." (Skill Pack)
    • "Contain goofy mini-games." (Goofy Pack)
  • "The Rumble Feature is currently ON/OFF."
  • "This will turn the Rumble Feature ON/OFF."
  • "The Rumble Feature is now ON/OFF."
  • "Please select one."
    • "Switch between stereo, mono and surround."
    • "Listen to the music and voices used in the game."
  • "It"s currently set to Stereo/Mono/Surround."
  • "This will set the sound to STEREO/MONO/SURROUND."
  • "It was set to Stereo/Mono/Surround."
  • "Have a peek at which records?"
    • "You've got mini-game records here."
    • "Have a gander at your board map records."
      • "Look at the Party Mode records."
      • ""Peek at the Story Mode records."
    • "Take a peek of the Mini-Game Decathlon records."
    • "Look at Super Duel records."
  • "These are the records for the (board)."
  • "These are the overall records for the Party Mode."
  • "These are the character rankings for the Story Mode."
  • "These are the records details for (character) only."
  • "Here are the top ten scores earned in the Mini-Game Decathlon."
  • "These are the results of Vs. Battle for the Super Duel Mode."
  • "Leaving the Options Mode so soon?"


  • "I'm Kamek, and I'm here to shuffle everyone's capsule around!"
    • "Don't you guys just love the shuffle?!"
    • "Nobody has any capsules? Well shuffle!"


Main Menu[edit]

  • "Welcome to Dream Depot, the land of dreams!"
  • "The name's Klevar! Allow me to explain the game modes to you."
  • "Which one do you want to hear about?"
  • "Welcome back! Where to now?"
    • "This is the Party Mode. Eldstar will be your guide."
    • "This is the Story Mode. Misstar will guide you."
    • "This is the Super Duel Mode. Your guide here will be Skolar."
    • "This is the Bonus Mode. Mamar will be your guide."
    • "This is the Options Mode. Kalmar will guide you."
    • "This is the Mini-Game Mode. Your guide here will be Muskular."
  • "Return to the save-file screen?"

Party Mode[edit]

? Space[edit]

  • "Do you want to ride the train?" (Toy Dream)
  • "Press A Button to jump and grab coins while riding the train!"
  • "Thank you for riding. We look forward to seeing you again."
  • "This is the Shock-a-Lot generator. Do you want to store up power and get a capsule?" (Rainbow Dream)
  • "Press A Button repeatedly to store electricity. Ready...start!"
  • "Job well done! You've earned a reward!"
  • "Want to ride the Wind Gondola?"
  • "Would you like to ride the manta?" (Undersea Dream)
  • "Use the Control Stick to gather coins."
  • "And away you go!"
  • "The whale will take you just before or after the star. Want to ride?"
  • "Utilize the Merry-Go-Shuttle?" (Future Dream)
  • "Use A Button to maneuver the shuttle."
  • "Good luck. Get a lot of coins."
  • "You're going to take the air taxi! Take care!"
  • "Here we are! The total comes to 10 coins."
  • "Welcome to the Candy Throw!" (Sweet Dream)
  • "Throw the candy into the cups in order to get coins! Give it a try!"
  • "Use A Button to jump! Press A Button one more time to throw the candy!"
  • "Get 5 coins for each piece of candy that lands in a cup."
  • "Go for as many coins as possible! Well then, let's start!"
  • "You put (number) of the candy pieces in! You got 5*(number) coins. Here you go!"
  • "Congratulations! I think we'll have a party for (character) today! Please get everyone together!"
  • "Well then, let the hearty party begin!"
  • "OK, let's decide what present to give to (character)!"
  • "Start the Roulette Wheel!"
  • "Congratulations! Here's a gift from everyone! It's a capsule/10 coins/a star from each player!"
  • "The party is over! Let's do it again sometime!"

Rainbow Space[edit]

  • "Want them to lay the bridge down?"

Koopa Kid[edit]

Story Mode[edit]

Opening cutscene[edit]

  • "Oooo, I can't wait..."
  • "Uhhh, Bowser... There's no need to worry."
  • "'Cause I'm not afraid of anybody!"
  • "I WILL! ROARRRR!!!"
  • "Roar..."


  • "And I'll help you do it!"
  • "Are you? Huh? Huh?"
  • "I'm Red K. Kid!"
  • "I'm Green K. Kid!"
  • "And I'm Blue K. Kid!"
  • "Grraaaghhh!"
  • "And I'll help!"
  • "Us! Try to stop us!"
  • "Red K. Kid!"
  • "Green K. Kid!"
  • "Blue K. Kid!"
  • "Not again..."
  • "Yeah!"
  • "It's time!"
  • "This looks horribly good, Bowser!"
  • "Yeah! What he said!"
  • "Hello! I'm the handsome one!"
  • "How could I lose... It's terrible!"

DK Space[edit]

  • "Wha!? Don-Donkey Kong!"


  • "I'm sorry, Bowser..."
  • "Huh? Really?"
  • "Yeah! So don't get any big ideas!"
  • "Hey! I've got a dream!"
  • "That's not fair!"
  • "Grraaaghhh!"
  • "Bowser...I failed again."
  • "Oh yeah, the wish thing!"
  • "I suppose you're happy, huh, (character)?"
  • "What about my dream?!"
  • "Ah... Umm... Bowser..."
  • "Now then..."
  • "To be near you, Bowser!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "No, I couldn't be happier!"
  • "Ha ha ha!"
  • "(character), you want to know, don't you?"
  • "(character), I don't know either!"
  • "Understood, Bowser... (character) is really strong!"
  • "Huh?!"
  • "You want to know, huh, (character)? Well...I do, too..."
  • "Until the next board map, (character)..."
  • "I beg your forgiveness!"
  • "I don't get it..."
  • "Huh!?"
  • "Yeah, (character)!"

Card Party[edit]

  • "Look! It's a Koopa Kid!"
  • "Hmm... What kind of trouble can I cause?"
    • "All right then! I've got a present just for you!"
    • "You say we're not good enough? Though it's a disgrace... Bowser! Bowser!"
  • "Later, losers! Bye!"

Koopa Paratroopa[edit]

  • "Determine the amount of coins that everyone will lose."
  • "And so...(number) coin(s) are gone!"
  • "Some coins have been taken!"
  • "Now that I think about it, nobody has any coins! Oh well, too bad."

Koopa Troopa[edit]

Koopa Bank Capsule[edit]

  • "It's the Koopa Bank. Please pay 5 coins."
  • "Thank you very much. The bank now holds (number) coins."
  • "Congratulations! I'll give you all the coins in the bank!"
  • "Oh, wait... The bank doesn't have any coins. Sorry about that."
  • "Thank you! Come back anytime!"

Random Ride[edit]

  • "Introducing our challengers!"
  • "Greeting to you all!"
  • "Only the luckiest will win this race, so..."
  • "Please select your machine!"
  • "Next challenger, please!"
  • "OK! You've got your machines, so let's see who'll win!"


  • "Hey, I'm Lakitu! I'll take a capsule from someone! Who will it be?"
  • "Hey, I'm Lakitu! I'm going to take the other team's capsules!"
  • "Well, I'll back!"
  • "Look, I brought back a capsule!"
  • "Good luck!"
  • "You can’t hold any more capsules, so I’ll keep this one. Good-bye."
  • "Hey, I'm Lakitu. Whose capsules should I go take?"
  • "Uhh...come to think of it, nobody has any capsules! I better go then! Bye!"
  • "Hey, I'm Lakitu! I'm gonna take capsules from the opposing team."
  • "Hey! They don't have any capsules, so I guess I'll go now!"




  • "Hi there, and welcome to the Bonus Mode!"
  • "I'm Mamar, and I'll be your guide from this point on!"
  • "Some fantasic games are here just for you!"
  • "Have a great time, OK?"
  • "An exciting card game with new rules." (Card Party)
  • "A Mario Party on ice!" (Ice Hockey)
  • "Bump, set...Bob-omb!" (Beach Volleyball)
  • "Oh, OK! One Card Party, coming up!"
  • "Oh yeah! Let's play some Ice Hockey!"
  • "Oh, excellent! Beach Volleyball it is!"
  • "Quit the Bonus Mode?"

Card Party[edit]


  • "Hi there, and welcome to the Card Party!"
  • "I'm Mamar, and I can tell you all about this game."
  • "Do you wanna hear the rules?"
  • "I'll tell you all about the Card Party, OK?"
  • "In this Card Party, you turn cards over as you move across the board."
  • "But first, decide which order players take their turns in."
  • "Each player picks a card to decide the order."
  • "And then you select the location of your start space."
  • "Oh! A start space can be placed anywhere as long as it's next to a path card."
  • "As soon as the start spaces are set, the game can begin!"
  • "So, you'll roll the die when it's your turn..."
  • "And the number that comes up shows how many spaces you can move."
  • "There are dots on the pathway, and each dot equals one space."
  • "There's more! Turn over some cards to make special events happen!"
  • "If you turn over a path card, a pathway will appear."
  • "If you get an item card, a very useful item will appear."
  • "To use an item, press B Button and select it from the list, OK?"
  • "If you get an event card, some zany events could start!"
  • "In some cases, a win could become a loss, so watch closely!"
  • "Be careful, everyone! Try your hardest to stay away from the Bowser card!"
  • "If you get it, Bowser will appear... and a terrible event will begin!"'
  • "This is a Bowser card. You've gotta do what you can to stay away from him!"
  • "But if you do get one, Bowser will appear... and a terrible event will begin!"
  • " could also be just the thing you need to take the lead! Choose wisely, OK?"
  • "And this is the wonderful star card! It's the whole purpose of the game!"
  • "Star cards earn you bonus points later."
  • "Whoever finishes with the most star cards and the highest score wins!"
  • "Well...I think that's all I've got to say about the Card Party."
  • "Good luck, everyone!"
  • "OK! Let's set up the game."
  • "What kind of game do you wanna play?"
  • "Now select the number of players."
  • "Now select a game piece for P1."
  • "Are these settings OK?"
  • "Let's see who goes first."
  • "(character), pick a card, OK?"
  • "And the order is... (character 1) is first! (character 2) goes second! (character 3) is third! And (character 4) is fourth!"
  • "Now let's set the start spaces."
  • "(character), select a start space."
  • "And... we're ready to start!"
  • "Let's start the Card Party!"

Last Card Event[edit]

  • "You've got only one star card left!"
  • "It's the last chance to turn it around. It's the Last Card Event!"
  • "For (character), I've got this..."
    • "The Dice Bonus! From here on out, you'll roll with two dice!"
    • "This is the Item Present! I'll give you all the items you can handle!"
    • "It's the Star Chance! You could win a star with the roll of a die!"
    • "This is the Stop Time! You can move only the number of spaces on the die!"


  • "Well, I hope you had fun! Here are the results!"
  • "Wow! How rare!"
  • "I see that (number) players won that game!"
  • "So...we'll decide the winner with the Championship Drawing!"
  • " It's very simple. Take turns selecting cards, and the player who pick the star card wins!"
  • "(character), please pick a card."
  • "(character)... You won!"
  • "Play again with the same settings?"'
  • "See you later, OK?"

Ice Hockey[edit]

  • "Hi there, and welcome to the Ice Hockey arena!"
  • "Wanna hear the rules?"
  • "Ice Hockey is a Mini-Game competition."
  • "Teams of three, including the goalie, bump and crash all over the rink!"
  • "To win, just score as often as you can within the time limit!"
  • "The team that scores the most goals within the time limit wins!"
  • "Oh! The goalie will play according to your strategy."
  • "Are you more offensive or defensive? You decide!"
  • "How many players?"
  • "Now each human player should select a character."
  • "Now select a character for each CPU player."
  • "Partner up with a teammate!"
  • "Set a skill level for each CPU player."
  • "How long do you wanna play?"
  • "Are these settings OK?"
  • "Quit Ice Hockey?"

Beach Volleyball[edit]

  • "Welcome to Beach Volleyball!"
  • "Wanna hear the rules?"
  • "Beach Volleyball is a Mini-Game competition."
  • "Two teams of two kick up sand and battle it out."
  • "You can bump or spike the ball back into your opponents' court."
  • "To win, all you've gotta do is earn the set of number of points first!"
  • "Oh! Don't forget abour the two special volleyballs."
  • "They make this a volleyball game unlike any volleyball game you've ever played!"
  • "Try them out sometime!"
  • "How many players?"
  • "Now each human player should select a character."
  • "Now select a character for each CPU player."
  • "Partner up with a teammate!"
  • "Set a skill level for each CPU player."
  • "It's just a regular volleyball." (Normal Ball)
  • "When the count reaches 0, it explodes!" (Bob-omb Ball)
  • "Points are worth the number on the ball." (Dice Ball)
  • "How many points to win?"
  • "Are these settings OK?"
  • "Quit Beach Volleyball?"


  • "Good choice!"
  • "Hoohoo, I got it!"
  • "Hoohoo!"
  • "Yes! I'm the winner!"
  • "Oh, I lost!" (reused from Mario Party 3 and Mario Party 4)
  • "Yahoo!"

Minigame Announcer[edit]

The Japanese versions of Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7 use this announcer.

  • "Start!"
  • "Finish!"
  • "New record!"
  • "Draw!"



  • "Welcome to the Story Mode!"
  • "My name is Misstar. I'll be your guide, OK?"
  • "Hey! You got a saved data from the previous game."
  • "Want to continue that game?"
  • "Do you want to hear the rules?"
  • "So, in the Story Mode, you compete against those mean Koopa Kids."
  • "You clear the board by defeating all three of them, but... that's easier said than done!"
  • "Each player has 20 coins at the start of the game... and it's your job to take all the coins from the Koopa Kids. OK?"
  • "Take all the coins from one Koopa Kid to defeat him!"
  • "Take all the coins from all Koopa Kids to clear the stage!"
  • "Of course, if you lose all of your coins... or if you don't beat all three Koopa Kids in 15 turns... the game's over! So be careful!"
  • "Select your character."
  • "Set the difficulty level."
  • "Are these settings OK?"
  • "So, you're ready? Then...let's go!"


  • "Bowser is causing all kinds of trouble again!"
  • "At this rate, he'll destroy the dream worlds one by one!"
  • "Will you try to stop him?"
  • "Good luck, (character)! Protect everyone's dreams!"
  • "Thank you, Toad... Do your best, OK?"

DK Space[edit]

  • "Congratulations! You got some coins from DK!"
  • "That's great! Keep up the hard work!"

VS Space[edit]

  • "It's time for a VS. Mini-Game!"
    • "In this showdown, the loser has to pay 5/20 coins per opponent! Hang in there and do your best!"
    • "In this showdown, the loser has to pay 10 coins per opponents! And this time, Toad will be helping (character), OK? Do your best!"
  • "Hey, hey! You did it! You get 20/(number) coins from the losing Koopa Kid!"
  • "Congratulations! You get 5/10 coins from each of the losing Koopa Kids! In total, your gift is 15/20/(number) coins!"


  • "(character), you did it! You saved the (board 1)/(board 3) for us!"
  • "(character), you saved the (board 2) for us! Thank you so much!"
  • "The fascinating dream of the universe continues!" (Future Dream)
  • "Thanks to you, we can all enjoy the dream of treasure hunting!" (Pirate Dream)
  • "The beautiful dream of rainbows is still alive!" (Rainbow Dream)
  • "We can still savor the sweet, delicious dream of candy!" (Sweet Dream)
  • "The fun and exciting dream of toys lives on!" (Toy Dream)
  • "Thanks to you, we can continue enjoying the dream of the ocean!" (Undersea Dream)
  • "But Bowser's trying to ruin another dream!"
  • "Will you protect another dream?"
  • "(character), don't give up!"
  • "Just try harder!"
  • "Will you protect this dream world?"
  • "Your dream was to help (character), wasn't it?"
  • "Well, Toad, I'm glad it came true!"
  • "(character), thank you! I'm really grateful!"
  • "You protected all of the dreams!"
  • "Now everyone can dream again!"
  • "The Dream Depot is once again safe."
  • "And I can marvel at all the dreams."
  • "All the while wishing my dream comes true..."

Monty Mole[edit]

  • "Go on a treasure hunt?"
  • "Press A Button repeatedly to dig the coins."



  • "All right! Ready for the Mini-Game Mode?"
  • "My name's Muskular, and I'll be your guide."
  • "OK, first things first. Let's set the games settings."
  • "How many players?"
  • "Now select a character for each player!"
  • "Select a character for the CPU."
  • "Set this character's skill level."
  • "Play any mini-game you want." (Free Play)
  • "Be first to get 3, 5, or 7 wins!" (Mini-Game Battle)
    • "Be the first to win (number) matches."
    • "Select the type of mini-game you want to play."
    • "Choose team combinations!"
  • "Win a mini-game, hit the dice block!" (Mini-Game Circuit)
  • "Get the highest point total!" (Mini-Game Decathlon)
  • "Win a mini-game, select the tile!" (Mini-Game Wars)
  • "Battle in only Duel mini-games!" (Mini-Game Tournament)
  • "Are you OK with these settings?"
  • "OK then... Let's begin!"
  • "Quit the Mini-Game Mode?"


Mini-Game Battle[edit]

  • "All right! Ready for the Mini-Game Battle?"
  • "Our contestant will duke it out in mini-games!"
  • "Our contestant should be dropping in...right about now!"
  • "The rules are simple! Win a total of (number) mini-games to win the tournament."
  • "Good luck, everyone!"
  • "Let's start by selecting a mini-game to do battle in!"
  • "OK then, (minigame) it is!"
  • "Ready to start?"
  • "(character) won!"
  • "(character 1) and (character 2) won!"
  • "(character 1), (character 2) and (character 3) won!"
  • "No way! It's a tie! That doesn't happen very often..."
  • "OK! Let's select the mini-game."

Mini-Game Circuit[edit]

  • "Welcome to the Mini-Game Circuit! Would you like to hear the rules?"
  • "In the Mini-Game Circuit, you need to win a mini-game in order to hit the dice block."
  • "Hit the dice block and move ahead that many spaces."
  • "However... Lose a duel or Bowser mini-game, and you'll have to move back."
  • "The player that reaches the goal first is the winner! Good luck, everyone!"
  • "Here are the players competing in the circuit!"
  • "Challenger No. 1 is (character 1)! Challenger No. 2 is (character 2)! Challenger No. 3 is (character 3)! Challenger No. 4 is (character 4)!"
  • "To make it interesting, you each get two Mushroom Capsules and a Super Mushroom Capsule!"
  • "Use the capsules before a mini-game, and the number of dice will increase!"
  • "With that... Let the Mini-Game Circuit begin! Good luck, everyone!"
  • "OK! Let's determine the first mini-game."
  • "OK! The next mini-game is...
  • "Use this capsule?"
  • "OK then! Start the mini-game!"
  • "At least one capsule has been used! This could turn out to be very exciting! Good luck!"
  • "(character) won! Congratulations!"
  • "(character 1) and (character 2) won! Congratulations!"
  • "(character 1), (character 2) and (character 3) won! Nice work!"
  • "Everybody wins! Congratulations!"
  • "Let's see how everyone's doing!"
  • "The #1 spot belongs to (character 1)! The #2 spot belongs to (character 2)! The #3 spot belongs to (character 3)! (character 4) is currently in last place! Hang in there!"

Mini-Game Decathlon[edit]

  • "Welcome to the Mini-Game Decathlon stadium!"
  • "Do you want to hear the rules?"
  • "In the Mini-Game Decathlon, you'll play ten mini-games and... earn points in each mini-game. Finish with the most points to win!"
  • "Most likely, there are games you'll like and games you won't like!"
  • "Either way, you've got to form a strategy and play all ten!"
  • "OK, let's begin!"
  • "Event No. (number) is..."
  • "Ready?"
  • "Here are the results!"
  • "Now, let's hear from (character)."
  • "I feel all right/excited/giddy/nervous/so-so/uncertain about this next one!"
  • "The lead is growing!"
  • "Is this it? Is this how things are going to an end?"
  • "(character 1) and (character 2) are in a dead heat!"
  • "Oh, what happened, (character)? Did your luck run out?"
  • "It looks like everyone is trying really hard."
  • "Relax a bit and just play your game!"

Mini-Game Wars[edit]

  • "All right! Ready for the Mini-Game Wars?"
  • "Do you want to hear the rules?"
  • "The goal of the Mini-Game Wars is to capture the most tiles."
  • "Win a mini-game to get a tile. You can even get multiple tiles in one turn!"
  • "For example, if you sandwhich an opponent's tile between your tiles... you'll capture all the tiles in between your tiles!"
  • "Keep this in mind when planning your strategy!"
  • "First, let's introduce the challengers!"
  • "In the red area...(character 1)! In the blue area...(character 2)! In the yellow area...(character 3)! In the green area...(character 4)!"
  • "First, let's select the mini-game!"
  • "Which one will it be..."
  • "This is the first competition!"
  • "Let's select the next mini-game, randomly, of course!"
  • "This is the next mini-game!"
  • "All right! It's a special turn!"
  • "Win this mini-game to get any tile you want!"
  • "You can take the lead! Don't blow this chance!"
  • "Are you ready?"
  • "Oh...look at that! It's a tie!"
  • "When we have a tie, we do it over!"
  • "(character) score a nice win!"
  • "Select the tile you want."
  • "Select the tile you want from the flashing tiles."
  • "This is a special turn! Win the mini-game and select any tile!"
  • "Nice, (character). You earned (number)!"

Mini-Game Tournament[edit]

  • "All right! Ready for the Mini-Game Tournament?"
  • "Win enough Duel mini-games to reach the finals."
  • "Let's start by settings this tournament's matchups."
  • "The first/second/consolation/championship match is (character 1) against (character 2)!"
  • "Let's select the mini-game."
  • "And (minigame) it is!"
  • "Are you ready?"
  • "(character) wins!"


Mini-Game Battle[edit]

  • "Whoa! Because there are two players in third place... you'll play one last mini-game to decide the order!"
  • "The rules are easy! Select a Shy Guy... Then ride that Shy Guy up to the balloon."
  • "When the balloon bursts, the final order will pop out from inside!"
  • "So...let's start!"
  • "(character 1), select a Shy Guy."
  • "There's only one left... (character 2), select the remaining Shy Guy."
  • "OK! Ready...GO!!"
  • "All right! The final order is set!"
  • "Here are the final results."
    • "(character) is the winner!"
    • "(character 1) and (character 2) are the winners!"
    • "(character 1), (character 2) and (character 3) are victorious!"
  • "Play again with these settings?"

Mini-Game Circuit[edit]

  • "Game over! Wasn't that thrilling?!"
  • "Let's announce the results! The champion of the Mini-Game Circuit is... (character)!"
  • "And that concludes the thrill-a-minute Mini-Game Circuit!"
  • "Play again with the same settings?"

Mini-Game Decathlon[edit]

  • "The competition is now over!"
  • "And the final results are in!"
  • "And the winner, with (number) points, is... (character)!"
  • "Crazy... It seems that everybody here is a champion!"
  • "Play again with the same settings?"

Mini-Game Wars[edit]

  • "That's it!"
  • "Here are the results..."
  • "The winner of the Mini-Game Wars is... a tile-capturing master with (number) of them... (character)!"
  • "Continue with the same settings?"

Mini-Game Tournament[edit]

  • "Here are the final results..."
  • "Play again with these settings?"



  • "Select a file to use."
  • "Enter a name for this file."
  • "Creating a save file..."
  • "Do not touch the Memory Card in (slot) or the POWER button."
  • "What would you like to do?"
  • "Is it OK to erase (file name)?"

Story Mode[edit]

  • "Donkey Kong reduced (color) K. Kid's coins by half!"

Party Mode[edit]


  • "It's a capsule machine! Do you want to use it?"
  • "You got a (capsule) Capsule!"
  • "Use the capsule on yourself?"
  • "You don't have enough coins to use this capsule on yourself."
  • "Select the space to place the capsule."
  • "The capsule cannot be placed any farther than here."
  • "Bone Capsule/Miracle Capsule can't be used. Do you want to throw it away?"
  • "Because it's your last turn, you can't use the capsule machine."
  • "Utilize the transportation device?" (Future Dream)
  • "The dice landed on the same number! Here, take (number) coins!"


  • "(character)! Here comes the Chain Chomp! Press A Button repeatedly to fight back!" (Chain Chomp Capsule)
  • "The Hammer Bro took some of your coins!" (Hammer Bro Capsule)
  • "You didn't have any coins, so none were taken."
  • "Klepto's here to take you to an opponent's space." (Klepto Capsule)
  • "Klepto will take you to an opponent's space."
  • "All capsules are lost." (Mr. Blizzard Capsule)
  • "Nothing happened..."
  • "Half of your coins were taken!" (Piranha Plant Capsule)
  • "Use the roulette wheel to select which opponent to attack!" (Spiny Capsule)
  • "Send Spiny into an opponent!"
  • "Tweester appeared on the star space!" (Tweester Capsule)
  • "Get ready to switch places with another player!" (Warp Pipe Capsule)
  • "Swap places with an opponent."

DK Space[edit]

  • "Donkey Kong appeared! Something lucky is about to happen!"
  • "What will the event be this time?"
  • "Donkey Kong Bonus! It's a coin present from DK."
  • "Determine the number of coins."
  • "You got a (number)-coin present from DK!"
  • "It's a Donkey Kong mini-game! Trade bananas for coins!"
  • "Let's start the banana roulette!"
  • "This time, let's trade 1/2/3 of my coins for each banana you collect. Good luck!"
  • "Let's start the mini-game roulette!"
  • "So...I'll trade each banana you got for 1/2/3 of my coins."
  • "It's DK Roulette. You can get a star! This is quite lucky!"
  • "It's a game with DK and a dice block! If you roll a higher number than DK, you'll get a star!"
  • "OK, Donkey Kong goes first!"
  • "Roll something higher than that! Go for it!"
    • "That's great! You did it! You get a star from DK!"
    • "Ahhh! Too bad! You don't get a star. Try again sometime."
  • "Thanks, Donkey Kong! Don't be a stranger!"

? Space[edit]

  • "Use a Ground Pound to make the snowman react, then collect the coins!" (Rainbow Dream)
  • "Too bad!" (Undersea Dream)
  • "Time sequence activated. Prepare for liftoff." (Future Dream)
  • "Destination reached."
  • "Welcome to the capsule slots."
  • "Use A Button to stop the patterns one by one."
  • "Line up the wheels to have a chance at getting a capsule. Ready...set...go!"
  • "Too bad... But you have a Mushroom Capsule."

Mini-Game Circuit[edit]

  • "You can't go back any further than this."

Battle Tournament[edit]

  • "Mario's prize machine. Well-balanced, like our hero!" (Super Dash)
  • "Luigi's machine. It's fast. Green means go!" (Lil' Bro Speed)
  • "Peach's polished machine. Its speed is simply...regal!" (Shiny Tiara)
  • "Daisy's machine. Fast, it's no pansy!" (Cute 'n' Astute)
  • "Yoshi's machine. Tricky, it shells out damage!" (Egg-celeration)
  • "Wario's ultimate machine. Intimidating, like Wario's belly!" (Greedy mustache)
  • "Waluigi's machine. It's the super duper attacker!" (Superdupe Coupe)
  • "Toad's machine. Decent, but only if it were a roadster..." (Toadster Toaster)
  • "Boo's machine. Visible only to the radar. Peek-a-Boo..." (Sheer Sideswipe)
  • "The Koopa Kid's machine. Tough, but there's a minion on board!" (Minion Mobile)
  • "Donkey Kong's machine. It's a one-shot, one-kill monster!" (Banana Bot)
  • "Bowser's machine. Get too close and you're toast!" (Bowser Dozer)

Card Party[edit]

  • "You got a cursed mushroom/mushroom/Warp Pipe!"
  • "(character) used a cursed mushroom/mushroom/Warp Pipe!"
  • "(character) got a cursed mushroom!"
  • "With mushroom power, you can roll 2 dice!"
  • "Select where to put the Warp Pipe."
  • "(character) has been sent away..."
  • "You've been sent to START!"
  • "(character 1) and (character 2) switched places!"
  • "You found a hidden die! Roll again and keep moving!"
  • "Congrats, (character)! You got a star!"
  • "Nice work, (character)! You got a double star!"
  • "What a shocker! Of all things, it was a Ztar star..."
  • "What a surprise! The Ztar star has become a star!"
  • "Gah ha ha! The star has become a Ztar star..."
  • 'Fantastic! You got the double star!"
  • "Now, let's get back to the Card Party excitement!"


  • "Good choice!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Yay!"
  • "Mamma-mia!"
  • "Yeah, Peach is the winner!"
  • "Aww, I missed!"
  • "Oh!"
  • "Oh! (chuckles) I got it!"

Red Boo[edit]

  • "Who calls upon me this time?!"
  • "I'm in a really bad mood. And when I feel this way... I like to cause trouble!"
  • "I'll take this star card... and give it to (character)!"
  • "Ha ha heh heh heh!"
  • "But I see that you don't even have a star card... I'll let it go...this time. Don't let it happen again!"



  • "Welcome to the Super Duel Mode!"
  • "Hey! I haven't seen you before."
  • "Let me tell you about my Garage."
  • "Here at this Garage... you can exchange Mini-Game Points... for parts to build your very own machine."
  • "Then you can test your machine against friends or the CPU."
  • "Get parts here." (Service Desk)
  • "This is the garage for friends." (Garage B)
  • "Photos of winning machines are stored here." (Garage Gallery)
  • "This is a 1P garage." (Garage A-1)
  • "This is a 2P garage." (Garage A-2)
  • "Exit to other modes." (Garage Door)
  • "Quit the Super Duel Mode"

Service Desk[edit]

  • "What would you like to do?"
  • "Do you want the (part)?"
  • "Want to try a trial battle?"

Garage A-1[edit]

  • "This is Garage A-1."
  • "Want to put a machine together?"
  • "Please enter the name of your machine."
  • "Do you like how it looks?"
  • "(name) is finished!"
  • "What do you want to do?"
    • "Make improvement to your machine."
    • "Have a look at your machine."
    • "Battle other machines."
      • "Battle a friend's machine." (Vs. Battle)
      • "Battle a CPU machine!" (D1 Tournament)
    • "Delete your machine."

Super Duel Battle[edit]

  • "Please choose a driver."
  • "Take out your opponent!" (Battle Competition)
  • "Capture three flags!" (Flag Competition)
  • "Shoot three robo-rabbits!" (Robo-Rabbit Competition)
  • "Battle a CPU opponent that is EASY/NORMAL/HARD."
  • "It's the final round!"
  • "Introducing...(character 1)! (character's nickname 1) (machine's name 1)."
  • "And...(character 2)! (character's nickname 2) (machine's name 2)."
  • "Let's have a clean final match!"
  • "Take a picture for the gallery?"

Garage Gallery[edit]

  • "This is the Garage Gallery."
  • "Let me know which champion you want to look at."


  • "If you pay 10 coins, I'll carry you to the top!"
    • "OK! Hop on!" (Pay)



  • "Ha ha ha! I got it!"
  • "Yeah!" (Getting an item)
  • "Yeah, I'm the winner!"
  • "Oh, I lost!"
  • "Oh, no!" (Also in Mario Party 9)

Story Mode[edit]

  • "I'm here to help (character)!"
  • "Somehow, my dream became true, too..."
  • "It must be because I was helping (character)..."


  • "I'm Magikoopa! Exchange all capsules!" (written by mistake)
  • "Determine who you will exchange with!"
  • "I'm Magikoopa! Exchange all your capsules with the other team's!"
  • "Capsule exchange is complete."
  • "Hey, you don’t have any capsules, so you can’t exchange."


  • "Oookki, ookiki? (Whose capsules should I use?)"
  • "Ookii! (Here I go!)"
  • "Oo...ookikii! (I'll be back!)"
  • "Ook...oookki! (I used your capsules!)"
  • "Ookkii! Ook! (If nobody has any capsules, all I can do is leave!)"



  • "Good choice!"
  • "Yeah! I'm-a gonna win!"
  • "Aahh! I lost!"
  • "Heh heh heh heh! I got it."
  • "Double!"
  • "Heh heh heh heh!"


  • "To proceed forward from here, it'll cost 10 coins."
    • "OK. You may pass." (Pay)
  • "Huh? Not enough coins? You may not pass!"


  • "Hi. I'm Wiggler! Would you like to trade 20 coins for a star?"
    • "Too bad, but you don't have enough coins. Sorry!"
    • "Too bad, but you can’t hold any more stars. Sorry!" (if the player has 999 stars, impossible without hacking)