Mr. Blizzard Orb

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The Mr. Blizzard Capsule is a red capsule found in Mario Party 5, where it can be thrown to a space on the board, or used on the player for ten coins. Its effect is that it makes a Mr. Blizzard fall flat on top of them, making them lose all their capsules. In Mario Party 6 and Mario Party 7, it is known as the Mr. Blizzard Orb, and costs ten coins at the Orb Hut. It has the same effect, however.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スローマンカプセル
Surōman kapuseru
Mr. Blizzard Capsule

German Schneemann-Kapsel
Snowman Capsule
Spanish Cápsula Frido
Mr. Blizzard Capsule


The Mr. Blizzard Orb refers to players as a female in Mario Party 6
The description referring to affected players as female
  • In Mario Party 6, the description of the Mr. Blizzard Orb both in the instruction booklet and in the game uses female pronouns to describe the affected player.