Koopa Kid Space

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Koopa Kid Space
The Koopa Kid Space from Mario Party 7
Purpose Summons Koopa Kid, who will cause mischief.
First appearance Mario Party 7 (2005)

Koopa Kid Spaces (known as Mini Bowser Spaces in PAL regions) are spaces that generally summon a Koopa Kid when landed upon. They are round green spaces, with the Koopa Kid's face in gold at their center and a golden frame around them. In Mario Party 7, these spaces can only be created by Bowser and Koopa Kid, and appear wherever they randomly toss a Koopa Kid Orb. However, they can be eliminated in the same manner as any normal Character Space, by placing different Orbs in their location, destroying them with Yoshi and Birdo's Egg Orb, or during a Bowser Time event on Grand Canal and Pyramid Park where Bowser destroys the bridges on the board by using Bob-ombs or creating a sandstorm respectively.

Koopa Kid Spaces behave the same as the Bowser Spaces from previous Mario Party games. Whenever someone lands on one, Koopa Kid will appear and do one of the following to his target:

  • Give the player a Cursed Mushroom. He has unique dialogue if he gives a player this on the last turn (because it has no effect).
  • Redistribute everyone's coins evenly, like a Bowser Revolution.
  • Make the player swap coins with someone via the roulette wheel. In a 2 vs 2 match, the two teams swap coins without a roulette.
  • Use the Bowser Pipe, a specially designed Warp Pipe, to switch the player's position with one other player via the roulette. In a 2 vs 2 match, the two teams swap places without a roulette.
  • Make everyone switch places with one another (like a Bowser Shuffle).
  • Shuffle everyone's Orbs.

The game always starts with Bowser tossing three Koopa Kid Orbs somewhere on the board, and there are three more ways of adding additional ones:

  • Getting a Koopa Kid Orb from an Orb Space, which Koopa Kid will use immediately.
  • Being forced to buy a Koopa Kid Orb from Bowser's Shop, which Koopa Kid will then use. (This occurs rarely; more often, the victim will be forced to get a golden Bowser statue instead. If this happens, no Koopa Kid Spaces will be generated.)
  • Someone getting the "Koopa Kid Space x10" option during the Last Four Turns event, where Bowser will toss ten Koopa Kid Orbs onto the board.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミニクッパマス
Minikuppa masu
Koopa Kid Space

Italian Spazio Mini Bowser
Koopa Kid Space