Koopa Master

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Koopa Master
Koopa Master

The Koopa Master is an old Koopa Troopa who lives at the top of Pagoda Peak in Mario Party 7. If the player gives him enough coins, Koopa Master will give the character who climbed the mountain a star; the player must pay either 10, 20, 30, or 40 coins, depending on what number the sign above his dojo currently shows. He will raise the price of a star by 10 coins after one is exchanged, which resets to 10 after 40.

If the player reaches the Event Space in front of the gong, the Koopa Master will talk about the "gong of fate". The player can kick the gong and change the price of the star.

In the game's solo mode, he will give a star to the first player who reaches him with 100 coins.

The Koopa Master has an apprentice named Kung Fu Koopa.


Koopa Master icon.png

The Koopa Master appears as an old, withered Koopa with a thin, wooden cane with a carved handle at the top. He has a green shell, dark-green shoes, and yellow skin with small, brown circles on his cheeks (presumably liver spots). He also has a white, long hanging beard and large, drooping, white eyebrows.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノコノコせんにん
Nokonoko sennin
Koopa Hermit

Italian Maestro Koopa
Koopa Teacher