Egyptian Koopa

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This article is about Egyptian Koopa from Mario Pinball Land. For a similar character from Paper Mario, see Tutankoopa.
Egyptian Koopa
Species Koopa Troopa
First appearance Mario Pinball Land (2004)
Egyptian Koopa in-game

The Egyptian Koopa[1] is one of the bosses from Mario Pinball Land. He appears inside the pyramid in Shifting Sands Stage. He attacks Mario by using his magic pillars to make him smaller and more likely to fall out of the stage. To defeat the Egyptian Koopa, Mario has to run into the pillars to make him mega and bash him three times while big.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ボスノコノコ[2]
Bosu Nokonoko
Farao Nokonoko
Boss Koopa Troopa

Pharaoh Koopa Troopa