Egg Mark

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Grassy Greens Stage in Mario Pinball Land
The Egg Mark in the Grassy Greens Stage

An Egg Mark[1] is an object found in the center of a special area in every level in Mario Pinball Land, except in the Fun Fair. It can be used to make the Bonus Tower[2] appear. If a Yoshi Egg is used in an Egg Mark area, a hole for the Yoshi Egg appears underneath the Bonus Tower. The player then needs to use the flippers to hit a Yoshi Egg inside this hole. This causes the Bonus Tower to extend upwards, revealing additional targets for Mario or Yoshi Eggs to hit, which lower the Bonus Tower and reward coins. At the top of the Bonus Tower, there is a big golden Yoshi Egg, which can be collected for a large number of points. Depending on the player's score and the number of points earned in a level during a game, the number of points the golden egg is worth varies: It is worth at least 250,000 points in every level except the Fiery Stage, where it is worth at least 1,010,000 points. If Mario or the Yoshi Eggs leave the Egg Mark area, the Bonus Tower disappears.



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