Enchanted obelisk

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Mario Pinball Land enchanted obelisk
An enchanted obelisk

Enchanted obelisks[1] are objects that appear in the room with the Egyptian Koopa in Mario Pinball Land. Hitting an enchanted obelisk temporarily turns the player (or a Yoshi Egg) into a super-sized ball form, which is required in order to defeat the Egyptian Koopa. It also significantly knocks Mario back and grants 100 points. Enchanted obelisks flash when hit, and they do not disappear after the boss is defeated. There are only two enchanted obelisks in the boss room and two more in the boss rematch room.

Similar objects appear in the room of the Fiery Stage with the Egg Mark, and they are made out of gold. Unlike enchanted obelisks, they do not change the player's form.



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