Beehive (Mario Pinball Land)

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Beehive from Mario Pinball Land
Inside a beehive
Beehive from Mario Pinball Land
A beehive

A beehive[1] (also written capitalized),[2] or simply hive,[3] is an object that appears only in the Grassy Greens Stage in Mario Pinball Land. Some beehives contain Bumblers. The player bounces off them. If a beehive contains at least one Bumbler, the beehive's top visually moves left and right. Hitting a beehive causes Bumblers to exit it one by one, though they return to the beehive after some time.

The player can enter a beehive with a Mini Mushroom. There are several Bumblers and a ? Block with a Yoshi Egg inside, regardless whether the beehive is empty or not. A Star can also be obtained in this room. Exiting the beehive removes the Mini Mushroom form.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese [4]
Italian Alveare[5] Beehive


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