Frosty Frontier Stage

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Mario versus penguins in the Frosty Frontier Stage
Mario fights the Porcupuffer.

The Frosty Frontier Stage[1] is one of the worlds that Mario goes to in Mario Pinball Land. As its name implies, it is a frosty land filled with icy floors, snow, Mr. Blizzards, and many Shy Guys on Skates (Toad's tent is located at the start of the level). In the middle section of the land with four penguins, Mario bashes a big Freezie into an icehole, then goes inside to find a cold, watery level with a sunken ship. Inside the ship, he fights Porcupuffer and its brethren. Using Bob-ombs for artillery, Mario defeats Porcupuffer and takes its Star Key to move on. There are also some difficult-to-destroy parka-wearing Monty Moles.


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