Frosty Frontier Stage

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Mario versus Penguins in the Frosty Frontier Stage.
Mario fights the Porcupuffer.

The Frosty Frontier Stage[1] was one of the worlds Mario went to in Mario Pinball Land. As its name implies, it was a frosty land filled with icy floors, snow, Mr. Blizzards, and many ice-skating Shy Guys. (Toad's Tent was, by the way, located at the start of the level.) In the middle section of the land with four Penguins, Mario bashed a big Freezie into an icehole, then went inside to find a cold watery, level with a sunken ship. Inside the ship, he fought Porcupuffer and its brethren. Using Bob-ombs for artillery, Mario beat the bloater and took its Star Key to move on. There are also some difficult-to-destroy parka-wearing Monty Moles.


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