Frosty Frontier Stage

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Frosty Frontier Stage
Frosty Frontier Stage in Mario Pinball Land
Game Mario Pinball Land
Music track Snowy
Music sample
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“This winter wonderland is covered in snow and ice.”
Mario Pinball Land instruction manual, pg. 20

The Frosty Frontier Stage[1] is a level in Mario Pinball Land. The stage is filled with icy floors and is surrounded by snow, pine trees, and snow-covered mountains. Mr. Blizzards, Shy Guys on Skates, penguins, and Freezies are found here. The boss of the stage is Porcupuffer.


NOTE: Unless otherwise marked, all names are unofficial.

Starting area[edit]

Shy Guy
The first area in the Frosty Frontier Stage

The starting area in the Frosty Frontier Stage features a Mr. Blizzard and a ? Block (which contains a Pipe) that is replaced by a Sky Cannon once Porcupuffer is defeated. A green Shy Guy is initially found ice-skating around the area. Defeating it causes a yellow Shy Guy to take its place, followed by a red Shy Guy and then a blue Shy Guy, after each previous enemy is defeated. The pattern is repeated after the blue Shy Guy, and defeating the yellow Shy Guy yields the player a Star. Toad's tent is located here, as well as a small igloo that can be accessed with the use of a Mini Mushroom.

Igloo room[edit]

Inside the igloo in Frosty Frontier Stage.
Inside the igloo

Inside the igloo, a parka-wearing Monty Mole and a ? Block with an Invincibility Star are found. Unlike with other Monty Moles in the game, hitting this one makes it appear in a position about 45 degrees clockwise from where it was. The Monty Mole must be hit enough times to make it appear in front of the flippers, and hitting it there yields the player a Star.

Freezie area[edit]

The second room in Frosty Frontier Stage.
The second area in the Frosty Frontier Stage

The Freezie area is accessible via the 1-★ door in the starting area. In the area, four penguins are found circling around a large Freezie. Hitting a penguin causes it to fall down and slide around the ice, knocking each other and Mario around, and hitting it while it is knocked down defeats it. Defeating all four penguins in the area yields the player a Star. By hitting the Freezie, Mario is able to push it around. If it is pushed over the crack on the ground, the Freezie sinks, forming a hole that leads Mario to the treasure chest area. A Yoshi Egg can also go into the hole to that area, in which case it is found when Mario enters that area as well. Later, another Monty Mole appears in the Freezie area, and hitting it in all four positions rewards the player with a 1-UP Mushroom.

Mr. Blizzard area[edit]

The third room in Frosty Frontier Stage.
The third area in the Frosty Frontier Stage

The Mr. Blizzard area is accessible via the 3-★ door in the Freezie area. Here, four Mr. Blizzards and a ? Block containing a Yoshi Egg can be found. The Mr. Blizzards periodically throw snowballs at Mario while he moves around the area. Stunning all four Mr. Blizzards yields the player a Star.

Shy Guy area[edit]

The Skating Shy Guy area in Frosty Frontier Stage
The fourth area in the Frosty Frontier Stage

The Shy Guy area is accessible via the 5-★ door in the Freezie area. The area consists of an empty ice rink with a line of red, blue, green, and yellow Shy Guys on Skates. Defeating one Shy Guy causes it to be replaced by another of a different color, and matching all four Shy Guy colors yields the player a Star. The Egg Mark is found in this area.

Treasure chest area[edit]

The treasure chest area in Frosty Frontier Stage
The first underwater area in the Frosty Frontier Stage

The treasure chest area is accessible via the hole in the Freezie area. A large sunken ship, three treasure chests, and three Cheep Cheeps can be found here. Hitting all treasure chests causes the ship to move, allowing Mario inside. Defeating all Cheep Cheeps yields the player a Star.

Sunken ship[edit]

Mario fights Porcupuffer.
The Red Switch that appears in the Frosty Frontier Stage
The Red Switch appears.

Inside the sunken ship, Porcupuffer is fought. The boss swims around the area, occasionally chasing after Mario. Mario must hit the trapdoors in order to release cannonball bombs, which can then be used to stun Porcupuffer temporarily, rendering it vulnerable. After the boss is defeated, it leaves behind a Star Key, and two ? Blocks appear in the area. After Mario brings the Star Key to the Fiery Stage, a Red Switch appears at the center of the area.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雪原ステージ
Setsugen Sutēji
Snow Field Stage

Italian Livello di ghiaccio[2]
Ice level


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