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Artwork of a Bumbler from Mario Pinball Land
First appearance Mario Pinball Land (2004)

Bumblers[1] are bees in the Grassy Greens Stage in Mario Pinball Land. If Mario goes near a Bumbler, it tries to chase him, with its stinger facing the direction it goes in. Being stung causes Mario to go out of control, and he must hit its back instead to defeat the bee. Bumblers give up after a time if they cannot sting Mario and return to their original position.

Bumblers appear only in the second part of the Grassy Greens Stage, with the windmill where Petey Piranha awaits. Bumblers also appear if Mario hits the beehive near the windmill, where three of them come out. If ignored for a long time, Bumblers retreat back to their hives. Mario has to defeat all three Bumblers if he wants to earn a Star.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハチ[2][3]
Italian Bumbler -


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