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Boss statues in Fiery Stage in Mario Pinball Land
The four boss statues

Boss statues[1] (alternatively spelled Boss Statues),[2] also known as statues[3] or gold statues,[4] are four big golden statues with keyholes that are found at the entrance to the Fiery Stage in Mario Pinball Land. In order to progress, the player is required to insert a Star Key into each statue.

After defeating a boss and obtaining a Star Key, the player can hit the keyhole of the statue of that boss to insert the Star Key into it. This causes a Red Switch to appear at the location where the boss was defeated. The player also receives 100,000 points. Boss statues for which the player has obtained the Star Keys visually shine. After using all four Star Keys, the boss statues turn in the direction of the gate, which opens.

If the player has obtained fewer than four Star Keys, using them sends the player back to the Fun Fair.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Statua del nemico principale[5] Statue of the main enemy


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