The Fun Fair

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The Fun Fair
The Fun Fair in Mario Pinball Land
Game Mario Pinball Land
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“This stage has both a haunted house and a roller coaster. It looks fun, but...”
Mario Pinball Land instruction manual

The Fun Fair[1] is the first level in Mario Pinball Land. It is set on a festival fair, with various attractions such as a haunted house and a roller coaster being present. The only enemies found here are Goombas and Boos. The boss of the stage is Big Boo.


NOTE: Unless otherwise marked, all names are unofficial.

Starting area[edit]

Mario in the Fun Fair

The starting area consists of a circular area surrounded by trees and a roller coaster. Four attractions can be found here: a Sky Cannon used to access other stages and protected by two Goombas, a "test your strength" game where Mario is able to get Yellow Coins or Blue Coins by hitting it at high speeds, the Haunted House (which Mario cannot access at the game's beginning), and Toad's tent.

Toad's tent[edit]

Toad's tent

Toad's tent is accessible via the blue tent in the starting area. Unlike in other shops, Mario can exchange Blue Coins for items or special minigames involving Bullet Bills, Bob-ombs, and Chain Chomps where he can earn Stars.

Boo room[edit]

Inside the Haunted House

Although inaccessible at the beginning, the Boo room is accessible via the starting area. Four Boos can be found in this area. Defeating them all yields the player a Star.

Big Boo room[edit]

Mario fights Big Boo.

The Big Boo room is accessible via the 10-★ door in the Boo room. The boss Big Boo is fought, and when defeated, he leaves behind a Star Key. After Mario brings the Star Key to the Fiery Stage, a Red Switch appears at the center of the room.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Il Parco dei divertimenti[2] The Amusement park


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