The Fun Fair

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Mario in The Fun Fair

The Fun Fair[1] is the first location in Mario Pinball Land. The only enemies are the two Goombas that started the problem. There are also four attractions here: a "test your strength" game where Mario has to hit an object hard enough to get a coin or a Blue Coin; the Haunted House (which Mario cannot access at the game's beginning); the Sky Cannon, which is used to go to Grassy Greens, Frosty Frontier, Shifting Sands, or Bowser's Castle; and Toad's Tent. In Toad's Tent, Mario can play special games involving Bullet Bills, Bob-ombs, and Chain Chomps at the cost of some Blue Coins. Later on in the game, Mario comes back to The Fun Fair to enter the Haunted House, defeat some Boos, and then topple the tricky Big Boo for its Star Key.



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