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Sky Cannon
MPL Cannon.png
First appearance Mario Pinball Land (2004)
Variant of Cannon

Sky Cannons[1] are a type of cannon in Mario Pinball Land. One first appears in the opening cutscene, in which a Toad as a pinball enters the Sky Cannon and is blasted toward a target. After Princess Peach as a pinball enters the cannon, two Goombas aim it at Bowser's castle, causing her to be blasted right into it.

During gameplay, Sky Cannons are used to blast Mario to different levels. To use one, the player must use the flippers to hit Mario into it, causing it to lower, and then hit him toward it so he rolls into it. Hitting a Sky Cannon grants 1,000 points. If Mario does not reach the activated Sky Cannon in time, it returns aboveground. If the player does not want Mario to enter it, they must press L Button and R Button together, after which the Sky Cannon returns aboveground. After Mario enters the Sky Cannon, the player can choose a level to go to.

Initially, a Sky Cannon appears only in the Fun Fair. However, after the player obtains a Star Key from a boss in another level, a Sky Cannon replaces the ? Block in that level's first area. In the Fiery Stage, a Sky Cannon appears by default in the main foyer.

The Sky Cannon in the Fun Fair can also be used to shoot Bob-ombs at the target in the top right corner for points during the bonus game after Bowser is defeated. The Sky Cannon needs to be activated the same as before but with Bob-ombs. Unlike Mario, Bob-ombs automatically enter the Sky Cannon instead of rolling into it. After the Sky Cannon returns aboveground, the player can shoot any Bob-ombs it contains at the target. If the Sky Cannon contains no Bob-ombs when it returns aboveground, the player can simply try again if they have any more of them.


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