Mini Slump Bird

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Mini Slump Bird
DKJB Red Roc.png
A Mini Slump Bird
First appearance Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (2004)
Latest appearance New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (2008)
Variant of Roc
Gold Mini Slump Bird

Mini Slump Birds[1] are miniature Roc enemies that appear in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat There are two types that appear in the game: red one and black ones. The red ones appear in several levels, and attack by dropping spiked balls on him. They can also drop Blood Pines, which can be thrown back up at them to stun them. The player can then jump up on top of them and have Donkey Kong punch them down into the ground to defeat them for five bananas.

A Brown Mini Slump Bird

Brown Mini Slump Birds[2] only appear in later stages with Hoofer. They attack by dropping spiked fruits onto Donkey Kong, but are also defeated with Blood Pines. Defeating a group of them with a single bomb gives the player more beats than defeating them individually.

Names in other languages[edit]

Normal variant[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スロウバード[3]
Surō Bādo
Throw Bird

Brown variant[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スロウバード(ブラウン)[3]
Surō Bādo (Buraun)
Throw Bird (Brown)


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