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A golden crest in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat

A crest is a collectible item in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. Donkey Kong will get one or more crests at the end of each Kingdom. The number of crests he gets depends on how many Bananas (otherwise known as beats) he collects during the kingdom. The beats must be carried over to the Sacred Tree for an offering at the end of the kingdom. For defeating a boss, he will get a bronze crest. If he gets 400 beats, he will get a bronze and silver crest. If he gets 800 or more, he will get bronze, silver, and gold. If he gets 1,200 or more, he will get all of that and a platinum crest that will appear from the sky in the moon.

The highest crest Donkey Kong will get at the end of the kingdom is displayed as the color of his health bar during boss battles.

To encounter the final boss, it is not necessary to get all Crests - it is only necessary to get all bronze, silver and gold crests. The platinum crest is optional.

Crest levels (New Play Control! version)[edit]

In the New Play Control! version of the game, Donkey Kong can get up to three crests for reaching a required number of beats.

  • Bottom of the tree: 200-499 beats (One crest)
  • Middle of the tree: 500-999 beats (Two crests)
  • The peak of the tree and the sky: 1,000 or more beats (All three crests)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クレスト
Italian Medaglia Medal



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