Lychee Kingdom

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Donkey Kong Jungle Beat kingdom
Lychee Kingdom
The Lychee Kingdom's icon from Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Barrel B Barrel (GameCube)
K Barrel (Wii)
Crest(s) 29
Level(s) Helibird Dash (GameCube)
Deep Sea Sprint (Wii)
Lava Cavern
Ruler Thunder Roc (GameCube)
Double Tusk (Wii)
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The Lychee Kingdom is the fourteenth kingdom in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat. In the original version of the game, it is the second kingdom linked to the B Barrel and can be accessed by completing all the kingdoms linked to the J Barrel, defeating the Cactus King, and collecting twenty-nine or more Crests. In the New Play Control! version, it is the fourth kingdom linked to the K Barrel and can be accessed by obtaining three crests in the other three K Barrel kingdoms. This kingdom is the dominion of Thunder Roc in the GameCube version and Double Tusk in the New Play Control! version. As in the other kingdoms, Donkey Kong eats a giant fruit at the end of every level here, particularly a lychee.


Level Preview Description
Helibird Dash
(GameCube version)
Helibird Dash.png Helibird Dash is the first area of the Lychee Kingdom in the GameCube version. The level takes place inside a giant hollow vine. Helibird Dash is a relatively short level and conceptually very similar to Chopperbird Race. Donkey Kong has to race four Helibirds to the finish line with his own Helibird. The level features no enemies and few obstacles, and Donkey Kong must simply move his Helibird through the narrow pathways quickly. However, small, pink flowers are located throughout the whole level, and the ape must try to come near them, as they produce heavy winds that can push the Helibirds forward faster.

Winning the race is not necessary to complete the level, however, completing the race before the Helibirds can help him gain more beats and, as a result, earn more crests. Losing to all four Helibirds causes the ape to earn no beats, while coming in third place in the race gives him 100 bonus beats. 300 beats are awarded if the ape achieves second place, and first place gives him 500.

Deep Sea Sprint
(New Play Control! version)
Deep Sea Sprint.png Deep Sea Sprint is the first area of the Lychee Kingdom in the New Play Control! version. The entire level takes place underwater, however, it is a relatively short level. Donkey Kong has to race three Sea Turtles to the finish line here. The level features a few obstacles, such as the heavy water currents, which can speed the ape up if he travels in their direction. Jelly Fish also appear in this level as obstacles; however, they can only hurt the ape and never help him.

Although winning the race is not necessary to complete the level, it can give the Kong more beats. In the race, third place gives the Kong 100 bonus beats, second place awards him with 300, and first place gives the primate 500. However, last place does not give the ape any beats at all.

Lava Cavern Lava Cavern.png Lava Cavern is the second area of the Lychee Kingdom. As its name implies, the level takes place in a cavern filled with lava. Much like Grim Volcano, it is filled with lava pits, falling rocks, and fire pillars that serve as hazards. Fire Bakkies are also scattered around the level and attempt to burn Donkey Kong, while a Rolling Frog appears clogging up his path. Helper Monkeys appear around some parts of the level as well to aid the Kong, along with Dragon Pipes that have to ability to transport him through parts of the stage. The level features two types of Jungle Buddies, Flurl and Helibirds, who help him progress.
VS. Thunder Roc
(GameCube version)
Thunder Roc In the GameCube version, Donkey Kong must then face Thunder Roc, who appears like the other Rocs, but is red. He is encountered in an area similar to the other Rocs, but the stone column in the middle is larger, there are trampoline vines at the bottom of the area, and several Helper Monkeys are around. Thunder Roc attacks by using the same attacks the other Rocs use. After losing half his health, Thunder Roc will gain another attack: firing a gigantic Shadow Meteor, along with the ability to move faster. After being defeated, Thunder Roc's egg will explode, and it afterward.
VS. Double Tusk
(New Play Control! version)
Double Tusk.png In the New Play Control! version, Donkey Kong faces Double Tusk. Double Tusk resembles all the other Tusks, but the major difference between this and the other Tusk bosses is that there are two bosses. One of the two is colored pink camouflage, and the other is brown. They attack by firing cannonballs simultaneously. However, when one is defeated, the other will use the attacks the previous Tusk use. When they are defeated, they will slightly fall apart and deactivate.