Grim Volcano

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Grim Volcano
A screenshot of Grim Volcano in New Play Control! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
Level code 9-2
World Cherry Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Grim Volcano is the eighteenth level of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, the second area of the Cherry Kingdom, and the first lava themed level. There are several Fire Bakkies here and they will cause Donkey Kong to burn if they touch him. The lava in the level occasionally shoots a pillar of fire here as well, so Donkey Kong has to time his jumps correctly. Like most other levels in the game, Helper Monkeys and Banandelions appear, as do some meteors. Other returning obstacles include mushrooms that quickly grow when hit by sound waves and Dragon Pipes that send Donkey Kong to new areas. Two new types of enemies also appear in this level. The first new foe is Tar Man, who blocks Donkey Kong's path into a small gap, and the final new enemy is Mini Panda. After biting into the giant cherry bunch at the end of the level, Donkey Kong fights Hard Roc (or Grave Tusk in the New Play Control! version).

Level layout[edit]

This level begins with a few bananas leading into a fiery cavern. Inside, there is a narrow bridge leading to several small platforms. Fire shoots out between each of these platforms, and Fire Bakkies hang from the ceiling, waiting to attack Donkey Kong. At the end of the last platform, there are several small fairies floating above the fire. If hit by a sound wave, they form together to create another bridge. Below this bridge is a group of three Banana Bunches, while above it is a Helper Monkey. The monkey can help Donkey Kong reach the passage above, which he must climb up to reach a Banandelion. The Banandelion flings the ape to a second Helper Monkey. To the left of this monkey are some bananas, and a Banandelion waits to be used northeast from it. This plant is able to shoot the ape to a group of more yellow fairies, who form an orange trampoline when hit by the Kong's Sound Wave Attack. The trampoline can bounce the ape to a wall, which he can jump off of to reach a Helper Monkey. The monkey throws him high into the air, and as Donkey Kong falls toward the ground, several meteors move toward him.

When the big rocks are destroyed, Donkey Kong lands on a flat surface. Using his sound wave attack here can allow several bananas to appear. If Donkey Kong is to head back to the nearby Helper Monkey, he can also move himself to the cliff to the right, where more meteors fall from the sky. At the bottom of this cliff, there are a few flowers that give the ape bananas when hit by a sound wave, as well as two Helper Monkeys. These monkeys can help him make his way back onto the main path. To the right of where the ape left off is another cavern with a Tar Man inside of it. Once the creature is defeated, a gap opens at the end of the room, and a Dragon Pipe can be found in the gap. The Dragon Pipe is able to suck Donkey Kong up and send him into a square shaped room, where there are five Banana Bunches encased in bubbles and a few Kamikami (or Karikari in the New Play Control! version). Another dragon head is to the right of this room as well, and it takes the ape to the deeper part of the cavern, where there are some small bridges above the lava.

Four Banana Bunches in bubbles are located in the cave, as well as some Stingas. At the end of this pathway is a dead end, however, there is a mushroom growing on the edge of the platform just above the fire. When hit by a sound wave, the fungi expands, allowing the Kong to travel over it. Two Banana Bunches can be found above the now giant mushroom, and Donkey Kong can bounce on the fungi, watching out for flames shooting out of the lave, to reach a smaller platform with two more small mushrooms. Meteors also fall when the ape lands here, and the nearby mushrooms can be expanded to help the Kong reach a smaller platform. This platform is only big enough to hold one mushroom, and when Donkey Kong hits it with his Sound Wave Attack, the plant quickly grows and shoots him upwards through a narrow passage. Yellow fairies are located at the top of this passage to break Donkey Kong's fall. If one is to head to the right from here, Donkey Kong runs into a Mini Panda. Once it is defeated, a giant cherry bunch appears on a nearby tree branch. If Donkey Kong bites into this, the level ends.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 火山かざんどう
Ma no Kazan-dō
Demonic Volcano Road