Asteroid Belt

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Asteroid Belt
Asteroid Belt.png
Level code 16-2
World Star Fruit Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Asteroid Belt is the thirty-third level of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat, the second part of the Star Fruit Kingdom, and the last regular level in the game. This level takes place inside of many large, round asteroids in outer space. Dragon Pipes appear throughout the stage to transfer Donkey Kong to different asteroids and planets. The interiors of the asteroids are usually very dark, and their round surface make them harder to climb. At the end of the level, the Jungle Buddy, Hoofer appears, as well as the giant boss enemy, Iguanagon, who can optionally be fought. A Coco Pig can also be found in this level, and it throws coconuts at the ape from its palm tree. Other enemies include a Dan Spider and two Rolling Frogs. After Donkey Kong bites into the star fruit at the end of this level, he heads to the battle against Sumo Kong.

This level shares its music with Ancient Foundry.

Level layout[edit]

This level starts out in an asteroid. Donkey Kong begins his journey through the level on a small platform shaped like a semicircle. Bananas circle this platform for the ape to grab. A Dragon Pipe sticks out of the side of the area, and it can suck up Donkey Kong to take him to the inside of another asteroid. A platform is placed in the center of this asteroid, and several blue meteors bounce around the area. On the platform is a Gale Hawg, along with a small pit full of three Banana Bunches. Spikes are at the bottom of this pit. A second Dragon Pipe waits at the right side of the room, and it can send the Kong into outer space. A small, sphere-shaped platform is in this area, and two Dragon Pipes are next to it. The head on the bottom loops the ape around the interior of a small planet, and then out of the mouth of the Dragon Pipe above it. This dragon then shoots him over a small planet to another Dragon Pipe, who is able to take him inside of another asteroid. A round platform is in the center of this rotating asteroid, and some Kamikami (or Karikari in the New Play Control! version) fill in some of the rock's empty space. Another Dragon Pipe sticks out of the side of the asteroid, just above the last head.

This dragon sends the ape onto a floating rock platform. Near the platform is a Coco Pig in a tall palm tree, along with two Mini Slump Birds. After the Coco Pig is defeated, the Kong can progress to a slippery ice platform. Earth can be seen in the background here, as well as the moon. The Kong is able to slide down the enemy-infested ice, which curves to another slanted area of ice. A Dragon Pipe is nearby to take Donkey Kong to another slanted section of ice. This section is very steep and therefore slippery. Blooms appear on the way down the long, icy platform above the ape's head, and at the end of the platform is an electrical rope. Jelly Fish and bananas line the sides of the wide ropes, and a group of four Banana Bunches are below the last rope. Below the bananas are some spinning rocks, which the ape must jump across. Bananas in the formation of arrows are on the way over the platforms, and a Banana Bunch encased in a bubble waits in front of a Dragon Pipe. This head takes the ape onto another icy platform, which, although flat, is occupied by several Ice Mini-Igas. A Dan Spider is in this area, but once it is defeated, a Helper Monkey appears in a nearby bush. It can throw the Kong past another Helper Monkey to a set of bananas.

Once Donkey Kong begins to fall back down, a new Helper Monkey appears in a bush to throw the Kong to a large plant on a small planet. It can shoot the ape into a dark asteroid full of many twists and turns. Falling rocks are in this asteroid, along with a curved pathway leading to some Banana Bunches. Four more Banana Bunches are in the center of the area as well. There is a pathway to the left of the asteroid's entrance, and it takes Donkey Kong through a curvy passage occupied by two Rolling Frogs. Because the Rolling Frogs clog up the passage completely, they must be defeated for him to progress. A Dragon Pipe is at the end of the area, and it can suck up the ape to take him into another asteroid. In this asteroid, there are a few rock platforms floating in the air, as well as some empty bushes. A Mini Panda is also in the area, and once it is defeated, two Helper Monkeys appear in the bushes. Several Kamikami (or Karikari) and Stingas also inhabit this area. The Helper Monkeys can throw the ape to a Banana Bunch and under a Dragon Pipe, who can suck him up and send him onto a large, floating ice platform.

Hoofer the wildebeest waits here, and once the ape jumps on his back, he begins to move. A star fruit is not too far ahead, and once Donkey Kong touches it, the level ends. Afterwards, a bonus game is played, where Hoofer must cross several gaps. Donkey Kong earns ten beats for each gap cleared, and there are a total of twenty gaps. After the first five gaps, Mini Slump Birds start appearing and can be destroyed with Blood Pines for three beats each. After the tenth gap, Iguanagon appears. Just like in Iguanagon's Realm, destroying it rewards Donkey Kong with one hundred beats. However, it only takes five hits to defeat this time, as opposed to the one in Iguanagon's Realm, which took ten.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メテオアイランド
Meteo Airando
Meteor Island


  • This is the only level to feature Jelly Fish out of water.