Ancient Foundry

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Ancient Foundry
Ancient Foundry.png
Level code 10-2
World Peach Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Ancient Foundry is the twentieth level in Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the second area of the Peach Kingdom. This level contains lava and fire bubbles which can cause Donkey Kong to lose beats if he comes into contact with them. The main obstacle in the level, however, is its many large, round, moving platforms, each of which have a small gap in them for the ape to head into to travel over lava. A Dragon Pipe also appears here as a minor obstacle to take the ape to different areas, along with a Helper Monkey. The level features three mini-bosses: a Big Bee, a Tar Man, and a Gōrumondo. After Donkey Kong completes this level, he fights Torch Tusk (or Bloat-Hog in the New Play Control! version).

This level shares its music with Asteroid Belt.

Level layout[edit]

This level begins on a large, circular platform. There is a pathway leading out of the center of the object which leads to another round platform. This platform turns clockwise so that the small space in its center is facing the small gap in the ceiling. Donkey Kong can wall jump up the gap to enter a higher area. Here, there is a straight pathway to the right covered in black Mini Pig Poppos (and white ones in the original version). A Sleep Pig Poppo also waits at the end of this pathway, blocking the ape's path. Once it is defeated, the wall behind it opens, allowing him to progress to a small gap. Fire Mini-Igas are scattered around the gap, but they can be forced to the outside edges if hit by a sound wave. Blooms also appear at the bottom of this gap if Donkey Kong uses his Sound Wave Attack. If he follows them, he makes his way to the left into another gap. When he lands on the ground below the gap, he can find a pathway leading east to a small gap of lava.

Above this gap are some more Fire Mini-Igas. More Blooms lead Donkey Kong to a wall farther ahead. He can use the walls in the area to wall jump up a small opening and make his way to a little area with a dragon head. The head is able to suck him up and take him to a different room, where the Kong is sent over a pit of lava to four Banana Bunches in mid-air. He then falls to the ground on the other end of the pit, where there are more Fire Mini-Igas and a giant platform with a wide gap going across it. If the Kong pounds on his chest while standing at the corner of the area, some bananas appear. Once Donkey Kong jumps into the gap inside the giant platform near here, he is lifted to a wall in the ceiling, which he can climb with some simple wall jumps. At the top of the wall is a lone Helibird, who can fly Donkey Kong towards a Big Bee nearby, or to a set of four Banana Bunches. The Big Bee is able to blow the duo away, however, if they manage to defeat the insect, they can advance to the next part of the level, where there is a small gap leading into a lower area filled with some Kamikami (or Karikari in the New Play Control! version). This area has a pit of lava in it, and the only way to cross the pit is by using the giant platform above it, which has a gap in the center of it. Donkey Kong can wall jump within the platform as it moves over the lava to progress to a flat area of land, covered by a few Fire Mini-Igas.

Another round platform is to the right of this area. The bottom section of the platform, along with the gap in its center, is dipped in and out of the lava, and there are three Banana Bunches in the center. A Tar Man is located on the ceiling near here. Once the foe is defeated, a Helper Monkey appears under its previous location to throw Donkey Kong into the gap in the ceiling the Tar Man created. Another Helper Monkey is up in this gap to throw the ape around some Fire Mini-Igas and into a Dragon Pipe, which sends the Kong to the next room. As the ape enters this new area, he is sent to a set of four Banana Bunches, each being encased a small bubble, and more Kamikami. A pit of lava is to the left of here, and a large, round platform is above it. When the Kong enters the gap in the platform, it begins to move over a path of floating bananas, until its top is facing the entrance into the gap of another platform. This round platform moves the ape upwards to some more bananas. A third round platform is in this small room as well, and it soon heads under the second platform, allowing Donkey Kong to fall into its gap. This final platform moves him to a stationary area, where a Gōrumondo can be found. Once it is defeated, a giant peach appears on a nearby tree branch. If Donkey Kong bites into it, the level ends.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エイリアンプラント
Eirian Puranto
Alien Plant