Cloudy Heights

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Cloudy Heights
Cloudy Heights.png
Level code 15-1
World Chili Pepper Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Cloudy Heights is the thirtieth level of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the first area of the Chili Pepper Kingdom. It takes place in an area in the sky with many clouds, vines, and floating landmasses. Enemies in this level range to Stingas that swarm around Donkey Kong to Mini Elephant Cannons that shoot cannonballs at the ape. Cloudy Heights has the highest beat-gathering potential of any level due to its design and the large variety of mechanics present in the level allowing DK to perform nearly every combo move in the game and reach the end without ever interrupting the combo; it is possible to obtain over 3,600 beats in this level alone.[1] Once Donkey Kong eats the giant chili pepper at the end of the level, he is taken to the next level, Magma Coliseum.

Level layout[edit]

At the start of this level, Donkey Kong grabs onto a long vine and slides down it. Another vine is located just after this one, but a small, round platform surrounded by Mini Igas is between them. This is followed by a third vine, which is separated by the second vine due to more Mini Igas blocking the way. The final vine leads to a flat section of land with a Helper Monkey looming above it. Small, yellow fairies are above the helper, and they form a set of walls when hit by a sound wave for the ape to climb. Some vine ropes are farther above, and more small fairies are located just after a set of three bananas, which are placed next to the second vine. The fairies form a round trampoline when hit by a sound wave. More fairies are above here that form trampolines, and the bouncy platforms can shoot the ape upwards to a large group of Helper Monkeys. These Helper Monkeys are scattered all around the area, and they can throw the Kong to each other, allowing him to grab more Banana Bunches.

A section of land is near these Helper Monkeys, and on it is a small, purple butterfly. When this is hit by a sound wave, it turns into a long line of Blooms, which spread over a few platforms to the left. Flowers are hidden beneath these platforms, and they can push the ape upwards to a Bubble Shrub. This rare and unusual plant has the ability to encase the ape in a bubble, which can slowly float him upwards through a small, curvy passage. At the top of this passage is a Dragon Pipe, which is able to suck the ape up and transport him to a new area. As soon as he emerges, four Stingas will instantly chase him. There is a long Banandelion, which can fling to ape upwards to a rope formed by Helper Monkeys. The monkeys can swing him to a Banana Bunch, and then onto another long Banandelion. This plant sends the ape to another rope of helpers who swing him towards two Banana Bunches and onto a bouncy rope. Two small platforms hold this rope in place, and another two platforms hold a second rope in place just above it. A third rope is also supported by two small platforms, and some Helper Monkeys wait on the side of the three ropes. Several Stinga Combs also appear here, which will unleash Stingas if the Sound Wave Attack makes contact with them.

The third Helper Monkey is able to throw Donkey Kong to a wall, which he can climb to reach a higher area. Below this wall are four bananas and another bouncy rope, which is held up by a single, small platform and a giant landmass. In the next area, one can find a plant similar in appearance to a Bubble Shrub. However, this plant is able to blast the Kong upwards to another plant on a nearby ledge. This second plant is able to send him to a strange, blue floating substance, which previously appeared in Sweet Paradise. Several Mini Elephant Cannons shoot cannonballs around this area, and, in the blue substance, a few groups of bananas can be found together in the formation of a circle. A Dragon Pipe waits above the blue liquid, and it has the ability to send the ape to a new area. Here, a Helibird waits in its nest on the edge of a cliff. A few small platforms are around here, being surrounded by more Mini Igas, and several more Stingas are here.

The Helibird can fly the ape to a large section of land near these foes, which has another Helibird sitting on it. Blooms form around the platform if the ape uses his Sound Wave Attack here, and they create a path leading downwards through a small passage. Clouds are located under this passage, however, a thunder storm appears to be in them. A third Helibird is above this cloud, and another passage cutting through a large landmass is near here. A Dragon Pipe is at the end of the narrow pathway, which can send the ape to a wide, open area. Flurl sleeps in its nest here, and when awoken, helps the ape float downwards towards the clouds. On the way down, there are even more Mini Igas and a few wind currents, which are created by some small, pink flowers. Stingas also attack the ape on his descent, and a giant chili pepper grows on a branch located just above a tall platform. Alternatively, the pink flowers on the left can be used to access a secret area over the cliff on the right with some Banana Bunches in bubbles. A Helper Monkey is waiting in a bush at the opposite end of the area, and it can throw the ape to this pepper. The ground underneath the tree has some hidden bananas which can be unearthed by clapping. Once Donkey Kong bites into the chili pepper, the level ends.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 雲海
Unkai no Ue
Above the Sea of Clouds


  • Cloudy Heights is the only starting level in any of the B Barrel kingdoms that does not involve racing.