Helibird Nest

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Helibird Nest
Helibird Nest.png
Level code 5-1
World Strawberry Kingdom
Game Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
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Helibird Nest is the ninth level of Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and the first area of the Strawberry Kingdom. The level takes place in a rainforest canopy with many tall trees and vines. Assisted by his Helper Monkey friends and his vine swinging abilities, Donkey Kong makes it through a portion of this level. He meets his third new Jungle Buddy, Helibird, here as well. With Helibird's flying abilities, Donkey Kong travels high in the sky and reaches the end of the level. At the end of this level, DK meets a Big Bee, who must be defeated for him to find the giant strawberry at the end of the level.

This level shares its music with Sky Garden.

Level layout[edit]

This level begins at the bottom of the damp rainforest, where one can find a Helper Monkey and a vine. Donkey Kong can use the helper to throw him to this vine, which swings him to the Helibird of a nearby branch. The bird flies him to the canopy of the forest, where there is an area full of Blooms. There is a small, bee enemy near the Blooms to defeat as well. As the Helibird flies Donkey Kong between the green tree branches, it passes a few other Helibirds to help him if he falls. A Banana Heli Bird also gives the Kong bananas as he travels, although he has to keep up with the creature to get more beats.

Farther into the level are more Bees, as well as a large plant that shoots additional bananas to Donkey Kong and his Helibird. More Blooms are in the following area, where two tree branches above open up to reveal a path. The Helibird must take the ape through this path before it closes to help Donkey Kong collect more Blooms and enter a new area with several flower-like objects that produce wind. These plants push the Helibird upwards between some more tree branches, until he reaches a circle of Banana Bunches. Once he clap-grabs them, he encounters a Big Bee. A small passage above also opens when he does so, which takes him to an optional area full of more bananas. The path in this optional area loops around to take him back to the entrance, where he can come back down to challenge the Big Bee. Once it is defeated, Donkey Kong and his Helibird can head over to a giant strawberry growing on a nearby branch. If Donkey Kong bites into this, the level ends.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘリバードの
Heribādo no Su
Helibird Nest